Dr. Leili Tafaghodi – Faculty of Engineering
Leili Tafaghodi

Dr. Leili Tafaghodi


Sustainable high temperature materials processing, extraction and refining of metals and alloys, thermodynamics, reutilization of waste materials in metals and minerals industries

Current status

  • Accepting graduate students

  • Associate Professor Associate Chair, Graduate

    Materials Science and Engineering


Dr. Tafaghodi’s research group aims to transform the way materials are produced by exploring sustainable metal production methods that maximize resource utilization and reduce waste generation and energy consumption. Dr. Tafaghodi’s research interests span the areas of process metallurgy, thermodynamics and kinetics of high temperature materials production, and reutilization and recycling of waste materials in metals and minerals industries.

Block Heading

Dr. Tafaghodi started her research career at Sharif University of Technology and moved to the University of Toronto for her graduate studies where she completed her PhD research on thermodynamics of silicon refining. Prior to joining McMaster, she was an Assistant Professor and the Extractive Metallurgy Industry Chair at the University of British Columbia.

BEng (Sharif), MASc, PhD (University of Toronto), PEng.

Brimacombe Award, MetSoc of CIM, 2022

Ontario Early Researcher Award (ERA), 2022

Pyrometallurgy Best Paper Award, MetSoc, 2022

Young Leaders Award, TMS Extraction and Processing Division, 2019

Best Paper Award, TMS Light Metal Division, JOM, 2012