Dr. Gary Purdy – Faculty of Engineering
Gary Purdy

Dr. Gary Purdy

  • Distinguished University Professor (Emeritus)

    Materials Science and Engineering


Research Areas Include:

Microstructure development in engineering materials and its influence on physical properties.

Current Research Projects:

Equilibrium and dynamic properties of interfaces as they relate to the development of microstructure; solid-liquid interactions, coherent equilibrium, reaction and diffusion in thin films and heterostructures, phase transformations in steels, cast irons, light alloys, machinability of materials

Block Heading

M.Sc. (Alberta), Ph.D. (McMaster), D.H.C. (Grenoble), D. Sc. (hon.) (McMaster), F.C.I.M, F.A.S.M, F.T.M.S., N.A.E, F.R.S.C., P.Eng.