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The iBioMed Showcase

Throughout their degree, iBioMed students take a variety of project and design courses, including the Health Solutions Design Project courses and Health, Engineering Science and Entrepreneurship courses.  Topics within these courses address biomedical engineering solutions to real-world healthcare problems.  iBioMed students take these courses throughout their academic careers. As students progress from each level, topics covered within these courses continue to evolve and build upon each other. 

At the end of the winter term, students come together to display their projects in the iBioMed Final Showcase.



Design Project 4 - Food Rainbow

Design Project 4 - Food Rainbow

Students: Matana Hendrickson, Cherrie Hung, and Sarah Rassenberg (not pictured)

Award: Best Presentation

Project: A 3D printed device that helps their client cut food without having to stabilize the food with her hand. The device supports the food with five different arcs at varying diameters, depending on the shape and size of the food.

Design Project 4 - Freehand

Design Project 4 - Freehand

Students: Konrad Grala, Amanda Tomkins, Justin Rosner, and Ahmed Abdel Halim Attia

Award: Best Project Design

Project: A wireless Bluetooth mouse, reconfigured to fit on a glove. The client has trouble using a mouse as she experiences spasms in their thumb and index finger. The glove allows her to use the side of her hand and her middle and ring finger to control the mouse.


Design Project 4 - Write Ai-d

Design Project 4 - Write Ai-d

Students: Madeline Waywell, Maya Ziolkowska, and Akil Hamilton


Project: An ergonomically-designed stylus integrated with machine-learning software to help their client write more easily. The spherical stylus is held in the writing hand supporting the fingers with slots. The machine-learning algorithm predicts the characters as the user writes.