IBEHS 1 to Level 2: application process – Faculty of Engineering

IBEHS 1 to Level 2: application process

This application process has been updated as of 2022.

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Level II IBEHS program choices

Students must select nine different program choices from the list below in order of preference. Students will be admitted to only one Level 2 IBEHS program.

Failure to submit Level 2 IBEHS Programs choices by the deadline or incorrect submission will result in extremely limited program eligibility and will be limited to those programs that still have availability after all other students have been placed in a program.

It is critical that you rank your Level 2 IBEHS Programs choices carefully. 

If you do not meet the requirements for your first choice, we will evaluate your eligibility for admission to your second choice, third choice, and fourth choice and so on. 

No assumptions will be made regarding your program choices. If a program is not indicated as one of your choices, you will not be considered for the program.
  • Health, Engineering Science and Entrepreneurship (HESE) (4 and 5 Year options available) 
  • Chemical and Biomedical Engineering 
  • Civil and Biomedical Engineering 
  • Electrical and Biomedical Engineering 
  • Engineering Physics and Biomedical Engineering 
  • Materials and Biomedical Engineering 
  • Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering 
  • Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering 
  • Software and Biomedical Engineering 

Frequently asked questions

Program allocation is determined by the cumulative grade point average of all grades earned at McMaster up until and including the Winter term. All grades (including electives, upper year courses etc.) are used in the calculation of your average. 

No. Courses take in the spring and summer will not change your program eligibility for Level 2 IBEHS Programs.

No, taking a reduced course load (under 37 units) will have no negative impact on your eligibility. You still must complete all required core IBEHS courses by the end of the spring/summer terms to move into Level II IBEHS. 

If you have earned the average for your program of choice but are completing required course(s) in the spring/summer, we will admit you into the Level 2 program for which you qualified and you will be able to register for Level 2 courses. 

Once the required course(s) is finished and spring/summer school grades are reviewed, your registration status will be finalized. 

Decisions will be available on MOSAIC by June of each year. 

No. Grades earned in classes completed during the spring/summer terms are not part of the academic session ending in April and will therefore not be considered when assessing program eligibility. Spring/summer school is merely an opportunity to complete your course requirements. Officially, spring/summerr school grades will be included in your cumulative grade point average for the fall/winter academic session. Please see your Academic Advisor regarding individual academic circumstances. 

Yes. Electives do count in the calculation of your cumulative grade point average.

If you have individual concerns, you can email Brennan Conry, iBioMed Academic Advisor at conryb@mcmaster.ca. Please also contact this email if you are planning on switching out of the iBiomed program.

To book an appointment please visit our online chat or email engserv@mcmaster.ca.