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Hatch Centre: Student Workshops & Build Space

Welcome to the Hatch Centre Workshops. The Hatch Centre Workshops is a space for Engineering Undergraduate students to participate in experiential learning through extra-curricular activities such as personal projects, Capstones, or with their McMaster Engineering Society (MES) affiliated teams which will assist in further developing their technical and professional skills. As students grow they will be able to take on new responsiblites with increased access to the space through the Hatch Centre Workshop's Tiered safety program.

The Student Workshop is located in the Hatch Centre in room JHE H104 with all Engineering Undergraduate students having access to the space. It contains the tools, and workspace for students to create projects or work on extra-curricular activities. 

The Build Space is located in JHE H106, directly adjacent to the Student Workshop. Only students in a club/group/team that is affiliated with the MES will have access to the garage bays for large scale, and long term projects. Students will be given 24hr access to the Build Space if team criteria are met.

Student Workshop

Student Workshop

A space for all Engineering Undergraduates

Build Space

Build Space

Used by McMaster Engineering Society teams/clubs

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