Study with the MMRI - graduate student – Faculty of Engineering

Study with the MMRI – graduate student

Interested in pursuing a graduate-level degree in manufacturing engineering? McMaster’s Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) is one of the top facilities in Canada to learn and advance the knowledge, techniques and processes of the manufacturing sector. We have laboratories spanning many facets of the manufacturing process, from high-precision machining, materials development, prototyping, robotics, and more, that offer a spectrum of research opportunities. By studying and working at the MMRI, you’ll be surrounded by leaders in manufacturing research and have opportunities to address industry problems faced by Ontario’s manufacturing sector. The MMRI ethos is that everyone contributes to industry projects and gets training to perform their own research on our industry-scale equipment. This makes for a rich learning environment, requiring hands-on problem solving skills, safe working practices, precision when working around equipment and a passion for excellence. Want to work with us? Use the attached form to let us know about more about you to see if your a fit for the MMRI.

Summarize your main research interests and related experiences in point form.
List your publications in reverse chronological order and include a summary of any other major contributions (i.e., patents)

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*Three references with contact details (Name, Position, Employer, Phone, E-mail) is required. Your cover letter should include a research statement and informal grade summary.*
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Max. file size: 2 MB.