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Supporting Our Students

At McMaster Engineering, you're always among friends - more than 6000 of them! Our #FireballFamily is a supportive community where students build each other up in a spirit of collaboration, not competition. 


University Transition 

Transitioning from high school to University can be a difficult period for many students. Below are a few programs and initiatives that exist with supporting you as you begin your journey at McMaster Engineering. 


EMBER prepares students who are entering their first year of Engineering, Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences for academic and social success. This two-week online program is a combination of live tutorials and self-paced learning modules that will get our students ready for September.

Learn more about EMBER



McMaster is all about community, and no matter where you are this school year, your Archway Community will be here for you. All first-year students will have their Archway Community, a group of 35 students, to connect with online. Each Community will have an Archway Mentor to run activities and keep students engaged, and an Archway Coach to provide personalized support.

Details about Archway


Welcome Week

You’ll be welcomed to the MacEng community during Welcome Week - an energy-packed orientation where you’ll quickly discover the #FireballFamily spirit. It's one of the most memorable parts of the university experience and you'll learn the tools you’ll need to transition to school online, find resources to get involved, and have fun meeting new people! Details on Welcome Week 2022 will be available mid summer 2022.

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4 Reasons Why You Belong at MacEng


Need to take a summer course? Interested in personal travel to a far-off destination?

Our flexible co-op structure means that you can complete work terms when and where it works best. 


Hamilton has a small town vibe with the amenities of a big city. Nature lovers will find refuge in our many conservation areas, while foodies will find no shortage of tasty treats.

Is it true Hamilton is home to the most waterfalls in the whole world? It sure is! 


A free gym membership on campus gives you access to the best indoor and outdoor physical activities.

McMaster’s Student Wellness Centre even runs free yoga and mindfulness classes, nature walks, gardening therapy groups and device-free lunch sessions!


Your Faculty of Engineering Academic Advisors are your go-to people for issues of any kind.

Did you know they offer a Paws N’ Play dog therapy program which brings furry friends right to you for a study break?

Academic Advising

Once you're a student at McMaster, Academic Advisors are available to assist you with any problems or questions you may have - they are you go-to people! This includes course selection, changes to your enrolment, accessing the McMaster Student Absence Form (MSAF), exams, taking courses at another university (for credit at McMaster), petitions for Special Consideration, and much more. If you need help for any reason, come see them right away! 

"My Academic Advisor has been a huge help. She’s so sweet and supportive, always happy to meet with me and support me in any way possible. She offers me advice and reassurance. Whenever I’m not sure about anything, I go to her. When I’m struggling with a class, doubting my choices or confused about anything!" - Houda, BTech Biotechnology 

"When I decided to accept an 8-month co-op position, I really didn't want to extend my degree. I reached out to my Academic Advisor to see if this would be possible, and he quickly booked me in for an appointment to chat about my options. He walked me through different course scheduling options, and I left with a map of what the rest of my degree would look like to graduate on time." - Sophie, Materials & Biomedical Engineering 

Co-op & Career Services

The Engineering Co-op Program is the second-largest engineering co-op program in Ontario, it provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to gain valuable engineering work and experiential learning opportunities before they graduate.

Throughout the year, a team of 18 staff from the Engineering Co-op and Career Services office connect with more than 1,000 employers, bringing them directly to you through over 300 virtual and in-person workshops and events annually. We also work with you to help navigate the job search, application, interview and offer process.


"The Engineering Co-op & Careers Office is absolutely amazing. While looking for a co-op, I had appointments to check over my LinkedIn and my resume to see what needed work, and they provided a lot of constructive criticism. They care a lot about the students in the program, and I haven't hesitated to book an appointment if I need advice on anything." - Joel, Engineering I 

"The co-op office has been an amazing resource. I've made a few appointments with my co-op advisor during my time here at McMaster, mostly to ask advice on various situations. I am so grateful for the guidance they have given me! Through the presentations they have given, I have received great LinkedIn, resume, and interview advice!" - Natalie, Electrical Engineering & Management

Wellness & Mental Health

From achieving a work-life balance, to spending time with friends, to becoming mental health advocates, there are a variety of ways our students maintain their mental health and well-being. However, mental health is different for everyone and therefore it's important for our students to know what resources they have to access the support they need to thrive academically and socially!


"The staff at the Student Wellness Centre are extremely kind and care for students. I found it convenient to have medical appointments regarding flu shots and personal issues right on campus. I have always felt supported when it comes to wellness at McMaster!" - Julia, Mechatronics & Biomedical Engineering

"Making connections with your peers and upper-years is crucial in university. Having people to talk to and socialize with is great because it gives you an opportunity to learn more, feel supported and to ask questions!" - Lauren, Civil Engineering

Student Success

How would you define "student success"?

The Student Success Centre's mission is to engage students and alumni in diverse learning opportunities to support their academic, personal and professional growth from the time you accept your offer of admission up to 10 years after graduation. We support students and alumni in the areas of student orientation, academic skills, leadership, service-learning, volunteerism, educational planning, employment and career transition.


"Upper year Red Suits who I met during my Welcome Week had a massive impact on me in first year. I found them to be such a wealth of information! They told me about different websites I would have to use, the structure of how different classes assignments are handed in, and even what their favourite classes were. It took away a lot of my stress, as I was going into the first week of class with less unknowns." - Natalie, Electrical Engineering & Management

"I've talked to a lot of upper-years to help me gauge which program I want to go into, and they've all been so nice and sincerely helpful. Everyone I've talked to has given me a look into their experience, while also showing how easy it is to customize what you get out of your degree at McMaster. I've also been to events that have included upper-years, and they were very inclusive and welcoming to anyone that wanted to join in on conversations or games." - Joel, Engineering 1

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