Engineering Physics Ambassadors – Faculty of Engineering
Students stand in a line with their back to the camera. Their shirts say "engineering physics ambassadors."

Engineering Physics ambassadors

Meet our ambassadors

The Engineering Physics Ambassadors are charismatic, confident and professional leaders who are enthusiastic about Engineering Physics and all it has to offer.

  • “I chose EngPhys because I wanted a degree which enabled me to learn from a wide array of topics in both engineering and physics, and didn’t narrow down my options too much.”

    Clubs: McMaster NEUDOSE, McMaster engineering welcome week rep

    Alexander Barovier, Engineering Physics Level 4
  • “I chose Engineering Physics because of its ability to bridge multidisciplinary topics through a fundamental understanding of physics. I also liked the interdisciplinary nature of the program and it provides students with the opportunity to take a wide variety of technical electives.”

    Clubs: McMaster NEUDOSE, McMaster Ahlul-bayt Islamic Society, Women in Engineering Mentor

    Dua Alam, Engineering Physics & Biomed Co-op, Level 4
  • “I chose Engineering Physics because I liked that the program is very interdisciplinary. We can take classes that teach the core concepts of a variety of different streams of engineering, which I found very interesting. The technical electives were also a bonus, as they provide the opportunity to focus on content that I’m passionate about learning.”

    Minha Amir, Engineering Physics & Ibiomed, Level 3
  • “I chose engineering physics because it allows me to pursue my interests – like nuclear & energy, control systems, and software – that would traditionally exist in separate engineering programs. I was also drawn to how supportive and welcoming the eng phys student community is! Being surrounded by great profs & peers is a huge part of what makes the undergrad experience amazing!”

    Clubs: Producer of the McMaster Engineering Musical

    Veronika Henzl, Engineering Physics Co-op, Level 4
  • “The tight-knit community was what pulled me into the Engineering Physics program the most. Many students and professors are easily approachable and are willing to help you out in any way they can”

    Clubs: McMaster Ultimate Frisbee Team

    DinhThach Dang, IBioMed & Eng Phys, Level 4
  • “I chose EngPhys because I really liked the idea of going into a wide and interdisciplinary field. Not only do our own courses cover all sorts of topics like nuclear engineering, lasers, and semiconductors, but we take courses from all over the Faculty of engineering to build what I think is the closest you can get to a custom engineering degree!”

    Clubs: VP Communications – McMaster Engineering Society, iBioMed Ambassador

    Terrel Marshall, Engineering Physics & Ibiomed Co-op, Level 3
  • “I have always been passionate about nuclear energy. I choose Engineering Physics so that I could pursue a career in the field and take advantage of the department’s excellent resources, including access to the the McMaster Nuclear Reactor.”

    Michael Tucker, Ph.D. Student with Dr. Novog
  • “I chose Engineering Physics because it gives you the ability to study a wide variety of topics across different Engineering streams. Furthermore, the small nature of the program allows for everyone to know each other and work together to succeed in an academic setting.”

    Clubs: McMaster NEUDOSE CubeSat Team

    Aiden Forsyth, Engineering Physics & Management, Level 3
  •  “I chose ENG PHYS because I was very interested in optics and nanotechnologies and I really wanted to learn more about them and their applications.”

    Clubs: McMaster Engineering Musical, MSU AVTEK Productions

    Michael Stire, Engineering Physics, Level 4
  • “Even before I came to McMaster, I always knew that I wanted to join Engineering Physics. What I love about our program is that students have the opportunity to apply useful technical skills and learn the theory behind these skills. Our program also allows students to uniquely shape their own degree with a generous amount of technical electives, which is something that I’m taking advantage of with software and electronic based electives.”

    Clubs: McMaster Engineering Welcome Week Representative, SPIE (international society for optics and photonics)

    Danielle Liut, Engineering Physics Co-op, Level 3
  • “I chose EngPhys because of my passion for space and understanding how everything around me works. This program allows me to explore several fields I find interesting – electronic systems, energy generation, and modern physics.”

    Clubs: McMaster Energy Association Vice Chair, McMaster Women’s Hockey Team, Engineering Youth Outreach Volunteer.

    Bri Conn, Eng Phys & Society Co-op, Level 5
  • “I chose Engineering Physics since it approaches diverse engineering fields from a unique perspective that allows me to draw connections between them to solve and model solutions for real-world problems. Apart from this, the Engineering Physics program gives me the opportunity to reach out and expand my knowledge by providing a wide range of technical electives to chose from.”

    Clubs: Engineering Physics Representative on the MES, Engineering Physics Society executive

    Fadia Cruz, Engineering Physics & Biomed Engineering Co-op, Level 3
  • “What interested me about Eng Phys was the opportunity to learn about more advanced physics concepts and apply them to engineering problems. Additionally, Eng Phys gives me the ability to take a wide variety of technical electives, allowing me to pursue a variety of topics that interest me.”

    Clubs: VP Academic of Engineering Physics Society, McMaster Engineering Musical Band and Engineering Welcome Week Representative.

    Jennifer Braun, Engineering Physics & Society, Level 3
  • “I chose eng phys because I really appreciated the wide variety of courses you could take. I found this especially appealing being in iBio because it allows me to take a large number of IBEHS courses.”

    Clubs: Mac dance, eng phys society, and the MES as one of the kipling coordinators.

    Lauren Watson, Engineering Physics & Ibiomed, Level 3
  • “I chose engineering physics because of the many different paths that it can lead you down! There are so many opportunities for trying new things, which is something I appreciate even more in upper years.”

    Erin Nunn, Engineering Physics & Society, Level 4
  • “Engineering Physics allows me to study Nuclear Engineering and Energy Systems while also taking a multidisciplinary set of technical electives. The content of Eng Phys courses is interesting, but one of the best parts of the program is the supportive community created by the students, faculty, and staff.”

    Clubs: McMaster Energy Association (Co-President), McMaster Engineering Society (Data Coordinator), McMaster Engineering Musical (Percussionist)

    Desmond Kennedy, Engineering Physics & Society, Level 4
  • “Engineering Physics allowed me to explore my fascination with higher level physics, innovation, and collaboration. With the Engineering Physics program, not only am I able to take Eng Phys courses, I am allowed to take any other science or engineering courses that I believe will enhance my education.”

    Clubs: Co-President of the McMaster Energy Association, McMaster Welcome Week Representative, McMaster Engineering Ambassador, Engineering Physics Ambassador, Women in Engineering Mentor

    Iyah Alideeb, Engineering Physics & Management, Level 3
  • “I chose EngPhys because it allows me to explore so many different fields of physics and enables me to apply that physics to the development of modern technology. EngPhys is also super flexible when it comes to technical electives, which gives me the ability to customize my degree to suit my interests and take courses from other departments and faculties.”

    Nithin Aaron, Engineering Physics Co-op, Level 3
  • “I like that Engineering Physics allowed me to pursue the applications of theoretical interdisciplinary concepts that intrigue me.”

    Clubs: EGS

    Ramis Arbi, PhD student, Engineering Physics
  • “Eng Phys appealed to me because it allows me to take a variety of electives and mold my degree in any direction I’m interested in!”

    Clubs: NEUDOSE, I’m the assistant producer of the Mac Eng Musical and the MES rep for Eng Phys

    Gillian Ford, Engineering Physics, Level 3
  • I enjoy working on different aspects of the nanotechnology field, and engineering physics provides me with that opportunity to work on projects requiring interdisciplinary knowledge.”

    Clubs: EGS

    Krishna Jangid, Engineering Physics, PhD candidate
  • “I chose engineering physics because of its interdisciplinary and  inviting collaborative nature. Eng phys combines a knowledge of the underlying physics behind the technologies that we use every day with skills from a variety of engineering disciplines to provide students with a strong, well-rounded multidisciplinary skill set to tackle the complex engineering challenges that exist.”

    Amanda Thomas Engineering Physics, PhD student
  • I joined the PhD program in engineering physics because I was looking for practical applications for my undergraduate degree in physics.

    Paige Wilson Engineering Physics, PhD
  • “I chose Eng Phys because it is an incredibly interdisciplinary stream. It gave me the opportunity to study a wide variety of interesting topics  across all of engineering and science.”

    Skylar Wingfelder Engineering Physics, Level 4
  • The best thing about being in an interdisciplinary faculty like Engineering Physics is that I can apply all the gained knowledge to solve some real-world problems. This is one of the places where science is put into action to make day-to-day things easy for mankind.”

    Clubs: EGS

    Paramita Bhattacharyya Engineering Physics, M.Eng
  •  I chose Engineering Physics because of the multi-disciplinary theme to the program. Truly the “Jack-of-all Trades” program!”

    Dawson Bonneville, Engineering Physics, PhD