Dr. Scott Chen – Faculty of Engineering
Scott Chen

Dr. Scott Chen


Embedded systems and systems on chips for IoT applications, RF technologies in biomedical sensors and systems, micro and nano cleanroom fabrications and process, engineering high performance 2D and 3D RF filters, passive devices game design in Unity 2D
  • Assistant Professor

    Electrical & Computer Engineering


Academic Background

  • Assistant Professor:  Department of ECE, McMaster University
  • Lecturer:  Department of ECE, University of Waterloo
  • Professor, Coordinator:  Department of ESE & Department of CSE, Conestoga College 

Industry Technical Background

  • Technical Program Manager @ Thalmac Labs / North (Google)
  • Senior Sensor System Lead @ Sober Steering Sensors
  • Embedded System Engineer @ Equustek Solutions

Research Background

  • High performance RF biomedical sensor system
  • ARM-based embedded systems and SoC

Other Technical Specializations

  • OOD Game Design in Unity
  • Cleanroom Micro- and Nano-Fabrication as Process Engineer
  • RFIC and 2D/3D Passive RF Filter Design

Block Heading

Scott received his Bachelor of Applied Science with honour at Simon Fraser University in 2007, with the specialization in microcontroller- and FPGA-based embedded system design, and received his Ph.D. degree in 2015 at University of Waterloo with the research focus of RF resonating transdermal vapour biomedical sensors with specialized polymeric sensing materials.  

He’s continued as an industry-supported MITAC post-doctoral fellow until the end of 2017, during which he also worked as a senior sensor systems engineering lead at Sober Steering Sensors for transdermal alcohol detection armband, a device eventually sent to NIH in Washington DC as a competition candidate.  He’d also worked as embedded system engineer and technical project manager in the industry, and had been a professor and the program coordinator for both the Department of Electronics Systems Engineering and the Department of Cyber Systems Engineering at Conestoga College from 2019 to 2022, during which he was nominated for the Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award in 2021.

Scott joined the Department of ECE at McMaster University as a teaching-focused assistant professor in July, 2022, and has been licensed as a P.Eng. since January 2023.

  • B.A.Sc. Simon Fraser University
  • Ph.D. University of Waterloo

Granted 2018   US Patent 9,958,444B2

“Apparatus, Systems and Methods for Sensing an Analyte such as Ethanol”

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