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Women in Engineering

McMaster Engineering is dedicated to broadening participation in engineering.  We are inspiring young women to change our world by pursuing an engineering degree.

McMaster Engineering has dedicated itself to broadening participation in engineering.  We are inspiring young women to change our world by pursuing an engineering degree.

We support female students of many ages in a variety of ways, from camp programs, clubs, conferences and scholarships for elementary and high school students. Through programs such as career exploration and the experiential learning event Go ENG Girl and others, young girls learn how engineering and science can affect our daily lives for the better.

McMaster Engineering faculty members, many of them women, mentor prospective and current students through speed mentoring, networking and other programs. As well, about half of our women engineering students act as ambassadors on campus and offer peer-to-peer support, for instance through the Big Sister Little Sister program.




The Women in Engineering Committee is comprised of female faculty members who meet to discuss issues of importance, such as gender parity, how to support young female engineers and to support one another.

As a committee, we want to inspire, mentor and support women to succeed in engineering.

On the committee, we ensure that faculty members are involved as role models in all outreach activities. We always show strong support in recruiting the next generation of young women who will change the world (and get great jobs).

We also help with mentoring young women who are currently enrolled in engineering studies through a variety of events.

Finally, we work to improve success for female engineering faculty members in our university and others by providing peer mentoring opportunities and hosting workshops.


Committee Chair

The McMaster Women in Engineering Society (WIE) provides an engaging and welcoming place for students to meet up, have discussions and relax but also a place when everyone and anyone can get together, take a break and engage with more amazing people at McMaster.

During the school year Women in Engineering runs about one event a month for our members. These events are targeted towards women and are an opportunity for mentees to meet up and hang with their mentor paired with them through our mentorship program. The program matches first years and those new to engineering, with girls in upper years, who can provide guidance and support.

Our events are not just attended by those in the program. In fact our events are open to absolutely everyone in engineering and we have started opening about one event per year to students outside engineering. WIE events include Board Game Night, Movie Night, WISE Conference, Wine Tours, and our ever popular Spa Night, which provides a free manicure before Kipling!

In addition WIE conducts community outreach, giving students a chance to go out to local high schools and show young girls that science and engineering is a path they can take.

Please visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our events. We hope to see you soon!


McMaster Engineering faculty members and alumna speak about the importance of strong female Science, Technology and Engineering and Math role models for young women.


Mentoring facilitates success and fosters inclusiveness.

For high school and grade school students:

  • Undergraduates and professors are involved in all outreach activities
  • Female engineering students act as councillors in Yes She Can! All-female engineering camps
  • Female engineering undergraduate and graduate students visit their former high schools in the Ambassador program

For current female engineering students:

  • Speed mentoring night brings female industry professionals to share their secrets of success
  • Diversity night brings panellists who share their experiences as minorities in their fields
  • WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) has Mentor of the Month presentations in which female professors share their life and academic experiences
  • The Big Sister / Little Sister BBQ every September is a catalyst to form mentoring partnerships between first year and upper year female engineering students

 For professors:

  • We have a weekly writing group to work on research and to share experiences
  • We host a workshop on skills required for career success
  • We have regular lunches


Gender Equity in Engineering Travel Award

The aim is to stimulate energetic graduate students who wish to bring new, innovative ideas to the faculty on the issues of gender equity and equality by providing them with financial assistance while attending conferences or workshops on such issues.

Up to four awards, each valued up to $3000 for travel expenses, are awarded each year, per graduate student.

For more information, contact Carm Vespi.

Azucenza Gonzalez: Gender Equity Travel Award Recipient 2018



McMaster Engineering offers a range of science, technology, engineering and math programs to girls and young women.

Women in Engineering Excellence 2017

Dozens of female high school students came to McMaster University on Feb. 3 to learn what it’s like to be an engineer.


Girls Conference 2017

Young women in grades 9 to 12 participate in fun, engaging and informative programming to inspire them to consider engineering. 


Go CODE Girl will educated, inspire and equip girls with the digital skills, confidence and resources needed to pursue education in technology, computing and engineering.

Venture’s Yes SHE Can inspires girls in grades 6-8 through hands-on engineering and science projects and learn what it means to change the world.

Venture is excited to offer Girl Guide Day @ Mac! We will provide a fun day of activities aimed towards achieving the Engineering Badge. 

Venture is excited to offer our annual Pathfinder Day at McMaster University! We will provide a fun day of activities aimed towards achieving the Computer Badge. 

Explore the exciting field of engineering through this special event for girls in grades 7 to 11 through Go Eng Girl.

Annual event that brings together high school students, female McMaster Engineering professors and current engineering students for a day filled with several activities.

Grade 11 girls are given the opportunity to spent a night on campus and learn what it’s like to be a McMaster Engineering student through this overnight experience.

The focus of this conference is to enable young women in grades 9 to 12 to participate in fun, engaging and informative programming to inspire them to consider the wide-ranging and impactful opportunities within the engineering profession.




2020 Women in Engineering Welcome Back Dinner

September 14, 2020, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

2020 Women in Engineering Welcome Back Dinner

This FREE event gives first year female Engineering students the opportunity to meet and mingle with each other, upper level female students and female faculty!

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Heather Sheardown honoured with YWCA Women of Distinction Award

March 6, 2020 /  Department News

Heather Sheardown honoured with YWCA Women of Distinction Award

Heather Sheardown, chemical engineering professor at McMaster and a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Ophthalmic Biomaterials, won a YWCA Hamilton’s Women of Distinction Award in the Science, Technology, Trades category.

Go CODE Girl returns to McMaster to inspire young girls

March 4, 2020 /  Department News

Go CODE Girl returns to McMaster to inspire young girls

On Saturday, March 7 — one day before International Women’s Day — 70 girls from grades 7 to 10 will gather at McMaster University to take part in Go CODE Girl, an annual event organized by Canada’s top post secondary institutions.

McMaster student first Canadian to be awarded prestigious aerospace fellowship

February 11, 2020 /  Department News

McMaster student first Canadian to be awarded prestigious aerospace fellowship

This International Day for Girls and Women in Science, we’re celebrating Hira Nadeem, an electrical engineering student who is one of 40 women recognized for excellence in the aerospace industry.

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Meet alumnae from McMaster Engineering and learn about the impacts they are making in their fields today. 

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Kim Jones

Kim Jones

Associate Professor


The Ontario Network of Women in Engineering (ONWiE) is a network of 16 schools of engineering from across Ontario, and throughout Canada that collectively share resources to encourage young girls across the country to pursue careers in engineering, as well as support current female engineers and students.

ONWiE was formed in February 2005 as part of the vision of the NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering held by Prof. Valerie Davidson at the University of Guelph.

Some successful ONWiE initiatives include:

  • Go Eng Girl / GÉNiales, les filles programs at 16 locations across Ontario
  • Girl Guide Badge Days
  • Go CODE Girl programs
  • Collaboration on the new Engendering Success in STEM (ESS) SSHRC Research Grant (2017 - 2024) , on which ONWiE is a partner
  • Collection and dissemination of statistics around participation rates in science / math courses in Ontario High Schools, and application rates to engineering programs across Ontario

Learn more about ONWIE 


Dr. Kim Jones, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Chemical Engineering at McMaster University has been chosen as the new Chair for ONWiE from July 2018 - June 2023. Jones is a seasoned diversity champion. She served as a McMaster Engineering Faculty Leadership Fellow from 2016 to 2017 with a focus on improving diversity. As a Fellow, Jones introduced a writing group for female faculty members, secured parking for those who are pregnant or on parental leave, worked to better understand the needs of underrepresented groups, supported women in engineering student groups and organized workshops for female faculty members. Dr. Jones is also the chair of the McMaster Women in Engineering Committee, a committee that supports female faculty members.

McMaster Engineering Professor named ONWiE chair

March 8, 2018

McMaster Engineering Professor named ONWiE chair

A McMaster University professor has been appointed as the new chair of the Ontario Network of Women in Engineering (ONWiE).