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Stay connected to the University and its alumni community through a wide variety of events that will both enlighten and entertain you. McMaster Engineeriung Alumni Relations hosts events that will help you connect with your past classmates, engage in mentorship opportunities, hire a co-op or Mac grad student, explore new career pathways, and develop your professional network.


McMaster's Entrepreneurial Pioneers


Upcoming Alumni Events

Don't miss out on our upcoming events!

Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - October 2020

Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - October 2020

This month's topic: Know Your Company, Know Your Customers

Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - November 2020

Virtual Fireball Chats with Alumni - November 2020

This month's topic: How to Create Your Own Startup

Virtual Backpack to Briefcase: Alumni & Student Networking Event

Virtual Backpack to Briefcase: Alumni & Student Networking Event

Are you a student looking for mentorship and support? Alumni share their experiences to prepare you for your future years at McMaster and beyond.



Check out the newest issue of the MacEngineer!

McMaster Engineering Distinguished Alumni Gallery

McMaster Engineering Distinguished Alumni Gallery

Meet our extraordinary alumni. 

Alumni Spotlights

Alumni Spotlights

Check out our featured alumni!

McMaster Engineering Strategic Priorities

McMaster Engineering Strategic Priorities

Attracting Top Students
Improving Gender Diversity
Enhancing Student Retention
Research and Innovation
Professional Development

Giving Back

Giving Back

The Engineering Advancement team works with alumni, friends and donors to support students, faculty, research and special initiatives at McMaster. We value your time, talent and financial support, and we are here to help you make a difference. 

Mac Eng Proud

Mac Eng Proud

We are proud of our alumni and the amazing work they do! 

GIVE BACK              HIRE OUR STUDENTS            UPDATE YOUR INFO            Engineering Fast Facts       



Mac Eng Connect

"Thank you for your valuable advice and organizing helpful events like Mac Eng Connect!" - Nazanin Moshtagh

"Thank you so much for the fantastic initiative to connect with alumni for students! I found this very useful." -  Sai Gannavarapu

"Thanks, Carm! It was great seeing you again. I'm happy I was finally able to hangout with the Alumni team. Thank you for always being a part of this. You always keep things positive and moving forward. Good luck and hope to see you at another event soon!" - John Boktor

Fireball Chats with Alumni

“I loved hearing about the alumni's background and what helped them get to where they are today. Hearing about their career paths help me as I plan mine." - Scott Semotiuk

"I loved the positivity of the alumni. It was helpful to hear from two different alumni and the different paths they took to reach the position they are in now. Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the event!”  – Pasquale Frappa

"The alumni cleared up a lot of misconceptions and doubts that I had concerning work and post-uni life. Thank you!" - Yusra Rao

An event for everyone

Check out the various events we host throughout the year.


Involvement and contribution of women at McMaster University is important to us. 

The Faculty and Engineering Alumni Office work with the Women in Engineering Society, Venture Engineering & Science Camp and LEAP Program to reach young women in elementary schools and high schools through various outreach initiatives.

The Women in Engineering Executive throughout the course of the year has numerous social events planned to remind our students to take a break and have some fun!

Events include:

  • Big Sister Little Sister BBQ
  • Industry night
  • Outreach for Girls Conference
  • Pathfinder and Girl Guide Day
  • Professional Development Seminars

Learn more.

Throughout the years many of our alumni have achieved various awards by the Faculty of Engineering and the Alumni Association. These awards are given to those who are committed to the pursuit of excellence and play a significant role in helping McMaster University earn its reputation as one of Canada's most innovative universities.

Alumni are recognized with awards at the following events:



We encourage current students and alumni to stay connected with classmates, enhance their
professional skills and meet inspiring mentors at several events including:


We welcome new students with a BBQ celebration, and we encourage youth to get involved in STEM learning through programs such as our Indigenous STEM programs, Go CODE Girl and Yes SHE Can.

Learn more about our Youth Programs and how you can get involved. 


Iron Ring

Coporation of the Seven Wardens Camp XIII (Kipling Ceremony 2020) has been postponed until further notice

read notice here


Corporation of the Seven Wardens Camp XIII

Corporation of the Seven Wardens Camp XIII

The Corporation of the Seven Wardens Camp XIII directs new Canadian engineers toward a consciousness of their profession and its social significance.

Kipling Ceremony

Kipling Ceremony

Since 1922, Canadian students in the graduating year of their engineering program gather for a hushed ceremony to mark their entry into the profession. 


External Application Process

External Application Process

The next Iron Ring Ceremony will be held on Friday, March 26th, 2021. You can apply as an External Applicant. The deadline to apply is Friday January 22nd, 2021.

Related Resources

Class Composites

No prints/hard copies will be distributed, please use these files to order your own prints. Photos can be printed at locations that do large prints like Costco and Walmart.
The dimensions for the class composities are as follows:

Engineering 16 inches x20 inches

Comp Sci & Btech: 11 inches x 14 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

All potential graduates will automatically receive an iron ring.

Note: Students who are in the B. Tech program or the Computer Science program do not receive an Iron Ring.

B.Tech. students must complete their PEO challenge exams before they are eligible for the iron ring.  This also applies to B.Tech. students who have completed an M.Eng., M.A.Sc., or Ph.D. (they must still apply to the PEO and pass any exams they are assigned).  This is a newer, stricter rule effective as of 2017.

A comprehensive guide on the application process for B.Tech students can be found here

Sizing for the iron ring will be held in the Engineering Alumni Office, JHE-A201D, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on the following dates below.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The signing of the register will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon ONLY in JHE-A201D, Engineering Alumni Office, on the following dates below.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Thursday, February 13, 2020

a) The actual ringing of the candidate may be done by any obligated engineer of your choice who has taken the obligation a minimum of 10 years ago. The intent of this requirement is to have Engineers of some experience, welcoming and encouraging you as a new Engineer. Fill out and submit the Presenter form no later than Friday February 28, 2020.

b) Seven Camp Wardens will be in attendance at the ceremony to present the rings to graduating engineers who do not have presenters. In this case, the Presenter form does not need to be filled out.

IMPORTANT: If there is a possibility that a special circumstance exists concerning the individual you intend to ask to ring you, you must explain the circumstance in a written notice and submit it along with the Presenter form to the Engineering Alumni Office no later than Friday January 31, 2020 to be approved by the Camp Wardens.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your proposed Presenter has not been Obligated (i.e. has not received their Iron Ring at a prior Ritual of the Calling of An Engineer), they cannot present an Iron Ring, or otherwise participate in, the Ceremony.  This requirement stands even if your proposed Presenter is a Professional Engineer, but has not been Obligated.   It is mandatory that a Presenter must be an Obligated Engineer.  No exceptions.

Kipling 2020 is postponed until further notice

Kipling 2020 postponed until further notice

YES. You must be present for the entire event. If you leave the building for any reason and return after the ceremony has begun, you will not be allowed into the room and will not receive your ring. You will have to repeat the procedure the following year.

You MUST attend the iron ring ceremony in order to get your iron ring. If you cannot attend, then you will have to attend next year or at a later date.
Please note: the ceremony is only held once a year.

No. Only 2020 graduates, external applicants and their presenters may attend.

You cannot replace your lost iron ring within the first six months after your ceremony. To make arrangements for a ring replacement after the six month waiting period, please visit the Iron Ring Replacement page for instructions. If you have any further questions please call or e-mail Carm Vespi, 905-525-9140 ext. 24906.

You can exchange your ring size in person or by sending us your current ring in the mail and indicating which size you would like instead. There is no charge for the exchange.

No. If you need to exchange your ring, you must return the one that you have.

No. Only an obligated Engineer may replace his/her own ring.

You must personally pick up your ring and present your ID unless otherwise authorized by Carm Vespi.

Yes, however if your ring size has changed please feel free to come into the office or go to a jewellery store to get your finger resized and exchange your ring.

Contact Us

The Camp 13 Office is hosted on the McMaster University Campus:

1280 Main St West
L8S 4L7
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm
Camp Secretary:
Carm Vespi


Since 1985, over 70 issues of MacEngineer magazine have been published to keep engineering graduates informed on alumni news, events and changes to the Faculty. The magazine also features stories on accomplished and inspiring graduates and researchers. Look out for the magazine in your mailbox in the spring and the fall. 

Want to be featured in the next issue? Send us stories about your achievements, awards or career changes. We also love hearing personal experiences about how your engineering degree has impacted your life. Send your stories to Carm Vespi, Manager, Alumni Relations & Youth Programs by emailing

View our current Fall 2019 issue:

McMaster Engineering Alumni Relations is here to help you connect with the McMaster Engineering community within Canada and abroad. 

Learn about the many ways to share your knowledge and experience with others and help support your fellow alumni, current students and future professionals. 

Alumni and Partners Advisor Network

Get advice, coaching, and prep from the people who have been there. Connect with alumni and students!

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Connect with us so we can keep up to date on all of the exciting careers our alumni are pursuing!

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Alumni Spotlights

We feature two alumni each week as our alumni spotlights! Learn about how our alumni are changing the world.

Give Back

There are many ways to share your time and talent with the McMaster Engineering community. We owe a debt of gratitude to generations of alumni for building relationships and strenghtening communities. Please fill out the Alumni Volunteer Application.

Alumni Arch Award and the L.W. Shemilt Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award are presented annually to recognize and celebrate alumni for distinguished leadership, unique contributions to society, local community, and to McMaster University.

Questions of the Week

#FireballFamily, each week the Engineering Alumni Office will be posting a question for you to share your expert advice, unique strengths while promoting continuous learning and celebration of accomplishments through this collaborative partnership.  This is an excellent opportunity for empowering our students and alumni in their learning and growth.  It only just takes a few minutes and we want to hear from you.

Currently the Questions of the Week will be on hiatus until the fall. We look forward to sharing insight from our alumni then!

Question of the Week - June 29
Submit your advice here;

Question of the Week - June 22
Submit your advice here;


Question of the Week - June 15
Submit your advice here; 

Question of the Week - June 8
Submit your advice here;

Question of the Week - June 1
Submit your advice here;



Question of the Week - May 25
Submit your advice here;


Question of the Week - May 11
Submit your picture or recipe here;

Question of the Week - May 4
Submit your advice and picture here;

Question of the Week - April 27 
Submit your advice here;


We have so many amazing alumni changing the world every day! We take notice of their accomplishments in many different ways. 

Alumni Arch Award - Young Alumni Award

The Arch Award recognizes McMaster's most recent graduates for their unique and interesting contributions to society, their local community, and to McMaster University. Arch Award recipients are remarkable individuals who have convocated from McMaster less than 10 years ago with a graduate degree, or less than 15 years ago with an undergraduate degree.

2018: Janelle Hinds

2018: Janelle Hinds

BENG. Electrical & Biomedical Engineering '15

2017: Seth Dworkin

2017: Seth Dworkin

Mechanical Eng. '03

2015: Shane Turcott

2015: Shane Turcott

Materials Eng. '01, MAS '05

The L.W. Shemilt Distinguished Alumni Award

The "L.W. Shemilt Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award" was created in 2006 to honour engineering alumni whose accomplishments and contributions are of national and /or international significance and/or have had a transformative impact on their field of endeavour. So named after Dr. Les Shemilt, professor emeritus Chemical Engineering an second Dean, Faculty of Engineering.

2018: Faizel Lakhani

2018: Faizel Lakhani

B.Eng. Electrical Engineering '93

2017: James Politeski

2017: James Politeski

B.Eng. Mechanical & Management '92

2016: Howard Shearer

2016: Howard Shearer

B.Eng. Electrical '77

The Alumni Gallery

There are many thousands of living graduates of McMaster. In their ranks are representatives of almost every trade, business or profession. Many of them have made names for themselves because of their accomplishments in their vocations and avocations. Included in this alumni 'hall of fame' are graduates whose names are household words; others are not as well known but their lives are just as absorbing. The Alumni Gallery is a photographic and biographical display of some of these alumni who lead interesting lives and make outstanding contributions to society

2019: Hoda ElMaraghy

2019: Hoda ElMaraghy

MEng Mechanical Engineering '72, PHD Mechanical Engineering '76

2018: Paula Claudino

2018: Paula Claudino

Mechanical Eng '06

2016: Barry Hill

2016: Barry Hill

Mechanical Eng. '66, M.Eng. '68

Contact Us

Connect with our office.


Office information:

Telephone: (905) 525-9140

Extension:  24906

Fax: (905) 546-5492    

Office Hours: 8:30AM to 4:30PM


Mailing Address:

McMaster University
Faculty of Engineering
1280 Main St West
John Hodgins Engineering Building (JHE),
Room A201D
Hamilton, Ontario Canada
L8S 4L7