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List A: Approved Technical Electives

 NOTE: Alternates to the list below are possible with the approval from the department/associate chair (undegraduate). 

For 2019-Present

MOSAIC note: if you do have the prerequisites for any of these courses, you must email the instructor (or their departmental coordinator) to request permission to enrol in the course.

Level II courses

Course Term Course title
Engineering Physics 2A04 1 Electricity and Magnetism
Engineering Physics 2E04 2 Analog and Digital Circuits
Engineering Physics 2H04 2 Statistical Thermodynamics (which is being replaced in 2020-2021 by ENGPHYS 3SM3 - Statistical Mechanics)
Engineering Physics 2QM3 2 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Level III courses

Course Term Course title
Engineering Physics 3W04 2

Signals and Systems for Engineering

Materials Engineering 3M03 1 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

Mechanical Engineering 3C03

Engineering Physics 3ES3


Manufacturing Engineering

Introduction to Engery Systems

Engineering Physics 3D03 2 Principles of Nuclear Engineering

Level IV courses

Course Term Course title
Electrical Engineering 4CL4 1 Control System Design
Engineer 4V04 1 Physico-Chemical Processes in Water and Wastewater Treatment
Civil Engineering 4V04 2 Biological Aspects of Wastewater Treatment
Materials Engineering 4I03 1 Sustainable Materials Processing
Materials Engineering 4P03 1 Properties of Polymeric Materials
Mechanical Engineering 4H03 2 Mechatronics
Mechanical Engineering 4BB3 1 Biomechanics
Engineering Physics 4I03 2 Introduction to Biophotonics
Engineering Physics 4P03 2 Nuclear Power Plant Systems and Operation (technically this has no prereq, but it's desirable if you have EP4D03)