Dr. Prashant Mhaskar – Faculty of Engineering
Prashant Mhaskar

Dr. Prashant Mhaskar


Process control, nonlinear Lyapunov-based and model predictive control, fault-tolerant control, control of hybrid systems.

Areas of Specialization

  • Professor

    Chemical Engineering


Research interests are in the general area of process control, with focus on:

  • Control and systems theory:
    • Nonlinear, robust and predictive control
    • Hybrid systems and control
    • Fault-detection and isolation and fault-tolerant control
  • Applications:
    • Process and plant-wide control subject to actuator/sensor failures
    • Data driven modeling and control of batch and batch like processes

Did you know?

Current Graduate students 
(see McMaster Advanced Control Consortium (MACC)  website for student awards) 

  1. Hesam Hassanpour, current Ph. D. student, started September, 2018
  2. Debanjan Ghosh, current Ph. D. student, started May, 2018
  3. Nikesh Patel, current Ph. D. student, started September, 2017
  4. Maaz Mahmood, Part-time Ph.D. Student
  5. Praveen Sundaresan Ramesh, current Ph.D. student, co-supervised with Chris
    Swartz, started September, 2018
  6. Satyam Agnihotri, current M.A.Sc. student, co-supervised with David Latullippe,
    started September, 2018

Past Graduate students

  1. Tyler Homer, Ph. D. , January 2016-April 2019, currently Process Engineeri at Arcelor Mittal Dofasco
  2. Abhinav Garg, Ph. D., January 2014-August 2018, currently Post Doctoral Fellow at McMaster
  3. Hadi Shahnazari, Ph. D., January 2014-May 2018, currently research associate at McMaster
  4. Masoud Kheradmandi, Ph. D. , January 2014-May 2018, currently Post Doctoral Fellow at McMaster.
  5. Mudassir Rashid, Ph. D., co-supervised with Chris. L. E. Swartz, 2013-2016, currently Post Doctoral Fellow at IIT Chicago
  6. Brandon Corbett, Ph. D., June 2011- June 2016, currently Process Control Engineer at Prosensus
  7. Rahul Gandhi, Ph.D., September 2006-August 2010, currently Advanced Process Control Engineer at Praxair
  8. Masoud Golshan, Ph.D., September 2006-2010, co-supervised with John MacGregor, John MacGregor was the primary supervisor, currently at Shell
  9. Siam Aumi, Ph.D., September 2007-March 2012, currently at Corning
  10. Miao Du, Ph.D., September 2008-August 2012, currently at Ecosynthetix
  11. Matt Wallace, Ph.D., June, 2011-May, 2015 (currently Project Engineer with Polar Knowledge Canada)
  12. Buddhadev Das, Ph.D., January 2011- May 2015, currently at Stelco Lake Erie Works

Block Heading

  • B.Tech. Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (1999)
  • M.S. Chem Eng., Louisiana State University (2001)
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles (2005)
  • P. Eng., Ontario