Dr. Malcolm Baird – Faculty of Engineering
Malcolm Baird

Dr. Malcolm Baird


Transport phenomena, non-ferrous metals.
  • Professor Emeritus

    Chemical Engineering


Dr. Baird’s research interests include reciprocating-plate columns, transport phenomena, mixing and the extraction/refining of non-ferrous metals. However he retired in 2000 and he no longer has research funding to support graduate students, internships etc.

Block Heading

  • Glasgow University (1957)
  • Ph.D., University of Cambridge (1960)
  • “Industry/academic collaboration — challenges and rewards” M.H.I.Baird and S.W.Marcuson, CIM Magazine 2 (9), 3-7 (Feb.2007).
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  • “Size Segregation of Spherical Nickel Pellets in the Free Surface Flow of a Packed Bed: Experiments and Discrete Element Method Simulations“ P.A.Moysey and M.H.I.Baird, Powder Technology 196 (3), 289-308 (2009)
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