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Nancy Photo

Nancy Balfoort

Director, Finance & Administration

Arlene Fajutrao Photo

Arlene Fajutrao Dosen

Director, Outreach & Engagement

Maria Photo

Maria White

Assistant Dean (Studies)

Monique Photo

Monique Beech

Manager, Public Relations

Lindsay  Photo

Lindsay Bolan

Manager, Strategic Recruitment & Enrolment

Amber Photo

Amber Bukata

Manager, Staffing & Administration

Michael Photo

Michael Curwin

Manager, Information Technology & Services

Kathryn Photo

Kathryn Leistner

Manager, Engineering Co-op & Career Services

Vania Photo

Vania Loyzer

Manager, Finance

Carm Photo

Carm Vespi

Manager, Alumni Relations, Leap & Venture

Mariya Photo

Mariya Yurukova

Manager, Development

Hannah Photo

Hannah Abram

Academic Advisor

Jennifer Photo

Jennifer Anderson

Administrator, McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI)

Jessica Photo

Jessica Anderson

Instructional Coordinator

Andrew Photo

Andrew Aran

IT and Accreditation Support Analyst

Kareem Photo

Kareem Baassiri

Special Projects Assistant for Digital Media

Clealand Photo

Clealand Berwick

Machinist - Lead Hand

Elisa Photo

Elisa Bozzelli

Recruitment Assistant

Iwona Photo

Iwona Centurami

Alumni Officer

Jim Photo

Jim Cleaver


Andrea Photo

Andrea Colbert-DeGeit

Executive Officer & Executive Assistant to the Dean

Brennan Photo

Brennan Conry

Academic Advisor

Joy Photo

Joy Coomber

Financial Administrative Assistant

Alaine Photo

Alaine Coschi

Recruiting & Promotion Coordinator

Linda Photo

Linda Coughlin

Administrative Coordinator

Sinisa Photo

Sinisa Crkvenjas

Systems Analyst/Web Developer

Thuy Photo

Thuy Dam

Career Development & Relationship Manager

Janet Photo

Janet Delsey

Supervisor, Engineering Support Services

Katie Photo

Katie Gadawski

Recruitment Assistant

Louise Photo

Louise Gazzola

Experiential Program Coordinator

Suvojit Photo

Suvojit Ghosh

Managing Director, CIRC

Stephanie Photo

Stephanie Haak

Technical Administrative Assistant / Instructional Coordinator

Jennifer Photo

Jennifer Hamilton

Academic Advisor

Darlene Photo

Darlene Hayward

Academic Advisor

Valerie Photo

Valerie Hillman

Career Development & Relationship Manager

Rachelle Photo

Rachelle Ireson

Engineering Physics - Career Development & Relationship Manager

Samantha Photo

Samantha Kandilas


Siobhan  Photo

Siobhan Koch

(on leave) Recruiting & Promotion Coordinator

Milic Photo

Milic Kovacevic

Mechanical Engineering - Career Development & Relationship Manager

Haleigh Photo

Haleigh Longo

Public Relations Student Support (Graphic Design)

Tina Photo

Tina Macala

Instructional Coordinator

Diana Photo

Diana Maltese

Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Ciara Photo

Ciara McCann

Social Media & Digital Content Coordinator

Beth  Photo

Beth McNally

Principal Research Engineer and Operations Manager, Centre for Automotive Materials and Corrosion, McMaster University

Valérie Photo

Valérie Michaud

Graduate Recruiting & Promotions Coordinator

Terry Photo

Terry Milson

Faculty Advancement Officer

Sarah Photo

Sarah Novosedlik

Research Support Coordinator

Adam Photo

Adam Pepler

Career Development & Relationship Manager

Daniel Photo

Daniel Picone

Student Engagement Specialist

Melissa Photo

Melissa Pyefinch

Camp Coordinator

Christine Photo

Christine Rich

Career Development & Relationship Manager, Graduate

Ginny Photo

Ginny Riddell

Technical Administrative Assistant

Jesse Photo

Jesse Sahota

Career Development & Relationship Manager

Anna Photo

Anna Sciascetti


Amanda Photo

Amanda Sly

Career Development & Relationship Manager

Caroline Photo

Caroline Way

Administrative Assistant

Martin Photo

Martin Wensveen


Sally Photo

Sally Williams

Academic Advisor

Karen Photo

Karen Winger

Administrative Assistant

Lorna Photo

Lorna Zuccolo

Administrative Assistant

Danielle Photo

Danielle Gibbons

ONWiE Network Coordinator

Patricia Photo

Patricia Kousoulas

Recruiting & Promotion Coordinator