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Virtual Science Workshops- Grade 10 Biology

Grade 10 Biology - Biomedical Engineering (Tissues, Organs, and Systems of Living Things) Workshop

This project will allow students to use technology to apply their knowledge of the cell cycle. Students will use Python to write code that explores the phases of mitosis and the differences in cell division between cancerous and non-cancerous cells. Basic coding skills will be developed while completing the project, providing students with familiarity in writing code. This project will allow students to reflect upon various career paths that combine elements of biology and technology together, as well as the importance of using technology to portray their ideas.

Virtual workshop content will be available to those who have completed the online registration. Please encourage other co-workers to complete the online registration in order to access the video material so we can maintain the integrity of our tracking systems. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please fill out one registration form per class - you will be emailed the content after registration 


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