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Research Clusters

McMaster engineering professors are involved in research Centres of Excellence, consult with industry and government, and contribute to internationally renowned institutes in all disciplines. Our engineers are in an enviable leadership role in research and graduate education. This results in state of the art knowledge being passed on to undergraduates.

Advanced Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing is in higher levels of intelligent automation enabled by a systems-based approach.

Digital & Smart Systems

Increasing connectivity and digitization continues to change our world.


Energy is essential to heat our homes, make our products and fuel our cars.


Respect for the environment must be at the core of all engineering decisions in the future.

Health & Bio-innovation

Saving lives, improving health and wellness and overall quality of life are key goals of biomedical engineers.


Sustainable and properly planned infrastructure improves our transportation networks, roads, community buildings, water and waste water supplies and access to power.

Micro-Nano Systems

Our devices, tools, and solutions are getting smaller.


The way we travel and transport our goods is changing dramatically.