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Venture Academy- Virtual STEAM Workshops- High School (Grades 9-12)

Venture Academy is thrilled to introduce brand new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) workshops delivered free to schools to enhance learning opportunities in the classroom.
These new workshops are coordinated and designed to support STEAM exploration while making connections to Ontario’s Ministry of Education’s curriculum at each grade level from 9 to Grade 12.
All Workshops are delivered as pre-recorded videos that have the flexibility to be completed in a virtual or in-person classroom setting. Each Workshop is designed to only require a laptop or computer with internet access for students, and are complete video tutorials with no additional teaching resources required by teachers.
Our goal with STEAM workshops is to capture youth’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and math from a young age through exciting hands-on activities with real world applications. Our Virtual Workshops are ready to be delivered directly to students for independent work. Alternatively, they can be delivered to an entire class, where teachers are able to watch the video alongside students, pausing the video to answer question prompts, which encourages participation, and to ensure all participants are on track to complete the hands-on project. These video tutorials are designed to enhance curriculum connections and serve as a meaningful experience in your classes.
Project descriptions:

Grade 9: Fireworks Fun
In this classroom workshop students will learn how to use the turtle module in python to create a visual fireworks image. Students will learn concepts of procedural programming, loops, and unique features of the turtle module. The connection to indigenous ways of knowing and the importance of art in indigenous cultures will be explored in tandem

Grade 10: Carbon Calculator
In this classroom workshop students will learn about the environment and what carbon emissions are by coding a questionnaire to calculate their carbon footprint. Coding fundamentals such as functions and loops will be explored and applied. Students will also have a chance to explore indigenous ways of knowing and will learn about interconnectedness of indigenous environmental perspectives.

Grade 11: PyPiano
In this classroom workshop students will learn to create their own piano GUI using python that will be implemented using given music files and stylization in CSS. Students will learn how to use multi-file interfaces along with how to program with audio files. Students will also explore the connection between music and indigenous ways of knowing through learning about the importance of music in indigenous cultures.

Grade 12: Wacky Weather
In this classroom students will learn to create an interactive Weather Application that fetches information using the OpenWeather API and gives students real-time responses about the weather in different cities across the world. Students will learn what APIs are, learn how to generate API keys, and put the extracted information into user-friendly outputs. This project will connect to the indigenous ways of knowing in two-eyed seeing as well as the indigenous peoples strong historical understanding of weather patterns.

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