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Your First Year: Engineering 1

Learn everything you need to know about mapping out your first year. This is required reading for all incoming Engineering 1 students.

STEP 1: Getting started using Mosaic

Welcome to McMaster Engineering!

All students are encouraged to watch this introductory video on our course registration system, Mosaic, your undergraduate calendar and more.


STEP 2: Getting enrolled in classes

This is your pathway to enrolling into your courses this academic year. Please follow each step carefully.

Engineering 1 Automatic Timetable: Your ticket to a conflict-free timetable using our automatic block enrollment system. 

Every student will have a specific enrollment appointment, which is the designated time you’re allowed to go into Mosaic and enroll into each of your courses. You can find your enrollment appointment in the Student Centre on the right-hand side. Click on “open enrollment dates” to find your specific enrollment appointment.

Your Shopping Cart is where you’ll put classes before you enroll into them. It’s just like buying the things you love, but for your brain. You can add or remove courses from your Shopping Cart as you plan your timetable. Access it in Create My Timetable and in your Student Centre.


WHMIS 1A00 is a mandatory health and safety course that must be completed in Level 1. Engineering 1 students will be automatically enrolled into WHMIS 1A00. This one-hour training session must be completed during the first week of classes and takes approximately one hour. You will complete WHMIS online via Avenue to Learn.


How to enroll

You’re officially ready to enroll! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to the Mosaic website and login (
  2. Click the “Create my Timetable” tile


STEP 3: Program specific requirements 


Your program has specific requirements that must be completed before you are eligible to enter Level 2. 


You’ll also need to choose and enrol in your own complementary studies electives. This can be done using Create My Timetable via MOSAIC. 

STEP 4: After enrolment: Tips, tricks and FAQs

Congratulations! If you’re about to watch this video, you must be registered for classes. Here’s what else you need to know before Welcome Week.