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Thermal Processing Laboratory

Our Objectives

The development of research projects in co-operation with industrial partners and funding agencies with emphasis upon needs and opportunities in the Canadian market.

  • Engage in research related to thermal processing
  • Offer R&D facilities, expertise, and technology for the thermal processing industry
  • Commit to developing and investigating the best solutions for Canadian industry
  • Assist industrial partners to solve immediate problems and help develop long-term R&D strategies
  • Join industry and academia together to find innovative, adaptive, and cost-effective solutions for industrial problems

Our Facilities

Multi-Purpose Furnace

A multi-purpose furnace suitable for a wide range of heat treating operations, featuring: temperature rating= 400-1750 °F (200-955 °C), direct and indirect firing systems, with and without protective atmospheres, large working area 72 (w) x72 (l) x 36(h) inches, with and without air recirculation and temperature uniformity ±10 °C.

Quench System

Consists of a 350-gallon main tank, recirculation pump, quenchant temperature control, spray quench using multiple jets with different nozzle sizes and a wide range of jet velocity, both spray and immersion quench capabilities.

Plasma Surface Treatment Unit

A compact plasma heat treating unit equipped with necessary power supply and controls to conduct investigations on a variety of surface treating processes such as sputter cleaning, ion-nitriding, ion-nitro carburizing, vacuum stress relieving, and black oxide treatment.

Our Research

Thermal Processing of Materials

Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Optimization of Energy Efficiencies in Industrial Processes and Systems