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Whitney Jardine - BTech (Manufacturing), MEME

Every class fostered an inclusive environment where I felt I could excel without any barriers in my way.

What 3 year College Program did you complete prior to coming to McMaster?
I completed the 3-year Welding Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma – Co-op program at Northern College, in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada. I also worked as a full-time Welding Engineering Technician/Welding Technical Specialist Intern at Materials Joining Innovation Center while I completed this degree.

What was your BTech Stream?
Manufacturing Engineering Technology

 What is your current Job Title and Employer?
I  am currently completing my Master’s,  while working as a  Research Assistant in the Mechanical Engineering department at McMaster University and a  Professor in the Welding Technician & Apprenticeship Departments at Niagara College. 

Why did you choose the BTech Degree Completion Program? What made you interested in your specific program stream?
I chose the BTech DCP program because it offered a quick and complete way of upgrading my education. It opened so many more doors for my career and my future growth. The BTech option allowed me to work as a professor at Niagara College during the days, and easily attend my classes during nights and on Saturdays. I was able to do my school full-time and complete it in  two years.

What is your most memorable BTech moment? Or your favourite part of the program?
I have several… my robotics class and the labs we had done. Our teacher (Timber Yuen) always had cool demos and labs. Manufacturing Engineering class with Eugene Ng was fun and interesting, and difficult! But that helps us grow to become even better students!

What opportunities has your BTech degree helped you to pursue (i.e. graduate school, P.Eng., career advancement etc.)?
My BTech program led me to graduate school. I am completing my Master of Manufacturing Engineering at McMaster. I’ve excelled in my graduate studies thanks to the preparation I gained in the BTech program.

Where has your career taken you and how has BTech played a part?
Nothing yet, but many promising career opportunities, and I’ve had many head-hunters contact me by means such as LinkedIn. Several interesting job opportunities from a variety of pathways have come up across Ontario. Tesla has also been interested and has called me several times over the past few months.

Anything else you would like to add in terms of the value/importance of a student considering a BTech degree?
My teachers were excellent. They were so helpful in the way that they taught me and imparted a wide array of useful soft and hard skills. The small class sizes allowed me to build closer friendships with like-minded peers. Every class fostered an inclusive environment where I felt I could excel without any barriers in my way. I know the experiences I gained through this program will positively influence my life for many years to come.