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Veronika Henzl

Engineering Physics Level II

Favourite place on Campus?My favourite place on campus is one of the lecture theatres in the Chester New Hall Building. There’s a piano in that room, and I love to go there in the evenings when there are no classes to play the piano as a stress reliever and enjoy my time with music which has always been a big part of my life. It’s a great place to spend alone, or even bring friends to play together!

A place I really like to visit in the Hamilton is the Pier 8 Park. It’s a lovely park near the water that’s great for any occasion and any season! During the warmer seasons, there’s a roller rink and in the colder seasons they turn it into a skating rink!.There’s also a little cafe there if you want to grab a drink or some food. It’s a great place to try skating, go for a walk or just bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the view.

Why McMaster?When trying to decide which university to go to, I started to look at the things which would affect my quality of life while at school. Are there cool clubs & teams? Do I like the campus? Do I like Hamilton? I knew I was going to get a good education regardless of where I went, and so I wanted to make sure that when I wasn’t being a ‘student’, I liked where I was living and there were opportunities to have fun - both on and off campus.

I found there were 300+ clubs listed on the McMaster website, which was exciting to me because it was basically a guarantee that I would find something I like. And I really did the love campus when I visited because of its nice mix of green and industrial areas, plus the surrounding area is great because we’re so close to both Dundas and Downtown Hamilton where lots of cool events and festivals take place.

Why Engineering Physics?:  I hadn’t even heard of Engineering Physics prior to coming to McMaster, but it quickly drew my attention because physics was my favourite science from high school. Ultimately, what drew to to Eng Phys was that it covers such a broad range of topics from electronics, to nuclear & energy systems, biomedical devices and beyond. I’m someone who finds so many things to be interesting, and I felt Eng Phys was the best way to explore as many interests as I could and tailor my degree to focus on what I like best.

Advice to Incoming StudentsBe sure to take breaks from your work! Engineering is a challenging program, but it’s not sustainable to be going 100% on your school work all day every day. Your brain and body need some rest in order work at their best, and it keeps yourself happier and healthier too. Whether or not you join a team, attend special events on or off campus, or just make a pact with your friend to watch a movie every Tuesday, just find something you enjoy and stick to it.