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Marina Manoraj

Chemical & Bioengineering, Level V (Scarborough, ON)

Through my time at McMaster, I was able to pursue my passions through clubs and societies such as the Bioengineering at McMaster Society and Women in Engineering Society, as well as through co-op experiences such as clinical engineering at SickKids!

Favourite McMaster Engineering moment/memory?

My favourite McMaster Engineering memory has been organizing Kipling as a Kipling coordinator. Kipling is a day where graduating McMaster Engineering students attend a ceremony where they will get their iron rings, as well as participate in Kipling pranks and attend the Kipling formal. We worked very hard to organize Kipling and although there were many challenges along the way, it was an extremely rewarding experience. We got to be part of an event where engineering students were together one last time, celebrating their successes and achievements. In my first year, seeing the Kipling pranks around campus made me so excited to continue pursuing Engineering and to be a part of the organization of the event 3 years later was gratifying when I got to see other undergraduate students around campus excited and proud to be McMaster Engineering students.

Tell us about your co-op experiences! What were some of your big takeaways from these opportunities?

One of my co-op opportunities was at SickKids, a pediatric hospital based in Toronto. I was able to do clinical engineering at the Borschel Lab where my role focused on developing, testing, and optimizing a device that will accelerate the nerve regeneration process post-microsurgery. This position allowed for many opportunities and rewards such as giving an oral presentation in Halifax, winning a SickKids poster presentation award, and attending the World Biomaterials Congress in Scotland.

What made you choose the "Bioengineering" specialization within your Chemical Engineering degree?

I chose the Bioengineering specialization within Chemical Engineering because I have always been fascinated with biological concepts such as anatomy and physiology. I also believe the integration of engineering into health care is very important for advancements in the medical field. Through this stream, I believe I can help make an impact in health care by designing and optimizing biomedical devices, understanding engineering concepts within the body through concepts from biomechanics, and ultimately, researching and developing ideas to improve health care.

How has McMaster Engineering allowed you to pursue your personal passions outside of the classroom?

McMaster Engineering and McMaster University in general offers so many clubs and teams that anyone can join to expand their experience through undergrad. Through my time at McMaster, I was able to pursue my passions through clubs and societies such as the Bioengineering at McMaster Society, Women in Engineering Society, Mathstronauts, and McMaster Engineering Society. In these clubs and societies, I held various positions such as Sponsorship Coordinator, Kipling Coordinator, Year Representative, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Vice President Social, and President. Not only was I able to gain a lot of technical and leadership skills such as time management and communication skills, I have also been able to make some great friends and memories throughout these clubs.

What's something special and fun we should know about you?

I was born in Germany, I can play 7 instruments, and I love elephants!

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