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Erin Butt

Materials Science & Engineering IV

Favourite place on Campus?My favourite place on McMaster campus is the DBAC swimming pool. Yes, I do love my classes and labs here, but extracurriculars and activities outside of school are important to me as well. Swimming is my escape from my busy day of classes, and provides me a healthy stress buster. Keeping physically active is so important during my studies, and the DBAC pool is where I find that.

Why Materials Engineering?I originally started here at McMaster for Life Sciences, so Materials Science and Engineering still encapsulated that visual aspect that science provided. I am a very visual student, so being able to physically see what I am studying or researching really makes it interesting and exciting to me. I am so happy with my decision, and am excited to see where my degree and passions for environmental protection and sustainability align together.

Involvement/InterestsOver my years at McMaster, I have enjoyed getting involved in a variety of events and clubs. Engineering opens the doors to so many volunteer opportunities  such as Go eng Girl, which encourages young females to become involved in STEM programs.

Beyond engineering, partaking in intramural sports and clubs has provided a fun way to become involved outside of academics. Trying out Volleyball and Ultimate frisbee were great ways to stay active, and have fun with friends weekly.  Mac Veggie Club, has been a fun club to help align my morals and extracurriculars together while being a student.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?In the near future, I hope to graduate from McMaster University, and pursue my masters degree in Materials Engineering research focusing on sustainable material development. Following,  I would love to work in industry in an engineering group which has a strong focus in sustainability.

Advice to incoming studentsMy advice to incoming students is to study something that you are passionate about, even if it will be hard, you will always find the motivation to put in those long hours and stay driven. As well, to find a balance between school and socializing, having a core group of friends, or club/team to spend time with truly adds value to your university experiences and memories. Lastly, take risks when it comes to opportunities. You may be nervous to apply to that dream job, or trying out to your favourite club or team on campus. Simply taking that chance is the first step, and you never know where each opportunity could lead you in the future.