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Cherrie Hung

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering II

Why iBioMed?: I picked the iBioMed program because I loved the idea of combining two similar yet different fields. This program has given me so much flexibility and allowed me to develop skills and myself

Involvement within the Community?: I'm currently on the first ever iBioMed Society and it's something that's super exciting and challenging all at once. We're planning all kinds of events from academic to social, from skating nights to industry nights and it's been a rewarding experience so far. 

Advice to Incoming Students: Take it easy! School is important but remember that your health and happiness comes first :) It's much easier to tackle everything when you're well-rested and have a clear mind. The importance of self-care cannot be stressed enough, be it time to just relax, work-out or even take a nap!