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Adhvait Menon

BTech Automation Engineering Technology, Level III (Milton, ON)

Everyday I learn something new in the BTech program and I could definitely say the business and management courses have really influenced and interested me from the start. 

Favourite McMaster Engineering moment/memory?

My favourite McMaster Engineering memory would definitely have to be the first day of Welcome Week! When arriving on campus, I was feeling worried and anxious, but when the Redsuits came in and surrounded my car, they began cheering me on and showed lots of support which made me welcomed and a part of the McMaster Engineering community. I would say the energy, the support and their welcoming personalities allowed me to feel like a part of them!

How would you describe the McMaster Engineering community?

If I were to describe the McMaster Engineering community in one word it would have to be AWESOME!!! McMaster's Engineering community is one of the most welcoming and engaging communities out there. The people are very outgoing and there seems to never be a dull moment. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the community I am part of.

What are some of the most valuable lessons you've learned through your co-op experiences?

My first co-op opportunity was during the summer of 2020 at Linamar Corporation as a Quality Assurance co-op student and it was nothing less than fantastic. It has taught me so many new things as well as clearing my doubts of some existing concepts I didn't fully understand from my previous courses. I had a lot of fun learning new things in industry but I also felt it was a great opportunity to show off my skills from my courses to the occupation but also convey the knowledge I learn at co-op, to my courses. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back in the upcoming semester!

What's the best project you've gotten to work on in the BTech program?

BTech has given me many projects to work on either in lab sessions or as an extra curricular but one project that I really enjoyed would have to be working with the BTech Mars Rover team. I had the opportunity to work with a group of amazing BTech students to build a small replica of the Mars rover and participated in the mechanical and software groups to help them bring the dream to a reality.

What are some of your future career aspirations and how is your degree supporting this goal?

I think that coming into this program with a blank slate has really helped me keep my mind and options open and just absorb all the opportunities coming my way before making a confirmed decision on where I'd like to end up with my degree. I think the beauty in this program is that you graduate with a plethora of technical knowledge, hands-on experience and business management knowledge that can easily adapt to any career that is out there. Everyday I learn something new in the BTech program and I could definitely say the business and management courses have really influenced  and interested me from the start so I'm definitely considering something down that route. I plan on doing the appropriate preparations in order to get a P.Eng along with an MBA in my desired business field and hopefully enter the Automation world as the future heavily relies on automation. The BTech program is giving me lots of opportunities to feed me with an abundance of knowledge to help me choose the right path.

What's something special and fun we should know about you?

I can speak around 4.5 languages and the goal is to hit 10 languages total. Hopefully this works out but I'm working towards it!