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Aaditya Senthilkumar

Mechatronics Engineering, Level II (Doha, Qatar)

These are some of the best years of our lives and I’ve made it my mission to make the best out my time with McMaster Engineering and learn as many things as possible. 

Favourite McMaster Engineering moment/memory?

My favourite McMaster Engineering memory is definitely Welcome Week! As an international student, all of us had a pre-orientation program called Ignite. This was a 3-day event held before the start of the normal welcome week. Skating at the Hamilton Harbourfront was a hilarious experience. I would recommend every international student to attend this event as it really helps in settling in. The welcome week has a lot of events but my favorites were the faculty fusion, the rep tunnel, and the concert. Throughout this week, you will get the opportunity to make many amazing friends.

What inspired you to pursue an Engineering degree in Canada?

I believe that Canada has one of the best education systems in the world and also an amazing country by all means. The country accepts all cultures as equal and gives equal opportunity to each and every person on its soil. I loved the fact that people are notoriously nice and that Canada allows people to pursue their dreams freely. I felt that Canada is the country that would make me a better person and also teach me about life.

Best project you have worked on in one of your courses? Why was it an awesome project?

The coolest project I worked on was in my Engineering design and graphics course , where we had the opportunity to design a prosthetic hand and 3D print it too. Our aim was to come up with a perfect set of motors which would allow the fingers of the prosthetic hand to move up and down. It was amazing as I had never worked on anything which had 3D printing involved and the experience I got from it was invaluable!

How have you found balance outside of just your academic studies?

Well, the difference between high school and university is the freedom you'll have. Balancing life and studies has been difficult but highly manageable. These are some of the best years of our lives and I’ve made it my mission to make the best out of it and learn as many things as possible. Trekking on the trail behind my residence has always given a refreshing experience. Playing soccer (yes! It’s not called football here) with the lads on the weekends has never been disappointing.

What's something special and fun we should know about you?

I’m a really friendly and compassionate person. I can understand 6 languages and can talk coherently in 4 of them. Hence if u see me anywhere, anytime, do not think twice, I’m always down to have a friendly talk and know more about your story.

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