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Todd Hoare, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

“Smart” materials that respond in well-defined ways to changes in their environment aren’t science fiction. They are a reality and they are driving the biomedical innovation in Dr. Todd Hoare's lab.

Todd Hoare engineers the chemistries and structures of smart hydrogels that can respond to multiple types of stimuli (including temperature, pH, light, magnetic fields, and particular chemicals) to design new drug delivery technologies that release their therapeutic only at the desired site of action and only at user-controlled doses, aiming to significantly reduce the side-effects and improve the efficacy of therapies for treating cancer, schizophrenia, and ocular disease, among others. 

While most of Todd's target applications lie within biomedical engineering (drug delivery, cell encapsulation, biomedical devices, biosensors, and tissue engineering), his work is also applied to engineered hydrogels in food, nutriceutical delivery, and environmental applications.