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Saiedeh Razavi, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Saiedeh Razavi's work in intelligent sensing, automation, information technology, and artificial information is helping decision makers to build smarter cities and smarter solutions for moving people, goods, and equipment around our cities and around the globe.

In her new role as Director of the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics (MITL), Saiedeh is applying her expertise in wireless sensing for road and transportation management to help identify the implications of implementing connected vehicles on transportation management in the Province of Ontario. Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communications promise to contribute to safety, mobility, and environmental sustainability.

Another emerging area of research is location-aware computing in the construction industry. Saiedeh's expertise in this area focuses on using the awareness of the location to acquire information for scalable decision-making, progress tracking, proactive safety monitoring, and, subsequently, operation and maintenance of constructed facilities.