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CEPEM Covid-19 Research

The Centre of Excellence in Protective Equipment and Materials (CEPEM) will assist research and development needs for Canadian companies, both existing and new, so that they can meet today's needs for Canada but also develop the next generation of personnel protective equipment to become global leaders in the future.

In just over a month, the CEPEM team provided design, identified suitable materials and developed validation tests so that local manufacturers are now producing 20,000 face shields/day (Whitebird) and 20,000 masks/day (Niko apparel) to supply HHS. In this process, the centre has also developed a testing facility that can assess various filtration materials for breathability (pressure drop), particulate filtration efficiency (PFE), bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and fit testing.

Some of Dr. Selvaganapathy's other highlights for combating Covd-19 include McMaster researchers collaborate on N95 respirator made and approved in Canada and Podcast on Innovation during Covid-19

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