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Tammy Zeng

"The Fireball Family is super welcoming and radiates so much energy that you can't help but feel good too!"

Program: iBioMed and Software Engineering

Year: 2

Hometown: Toronto

Describe McMaster Engineering in one word: Dynamic

What advice would you share to a prospective student? Join a club and come out to events (when it is finally safe to do so)! Joining clubs are a great way to meet people that you might not otherwise meet on a daily basis in your classes, and I for one, am very grateful for the gems I have met both inside and outside of my classes. And as much as you may be convinced now, your best memories are not going to be of you staying up late to work on that online math assignment. Attend a workshop and learn a cool new skill, or go to an Eng Pub and just have fun, whatever floats your boat! Just don't forget to have fun and make the most out of your university experience!

How have you immersed yourself in the extra-curricular life and what has been your favourite aspect being involved? This past year I've been involved with the Engineering Musical as a crew member making props that they would have used for the show. (Imagine: A teddy bear head. On a lawnmower. 85% cardboard, 10% duct tape, and 5% paint. A true work of art.) It was a lot of fun coming together with everyone on crew every Sunday to paint and construct cardboard masterpieces -- all while listening to my favourite musicals. I would say my favourite aspect of being involved is definitely the community. The Fireball Family is super welcoming and radiates so much energy that you can't help but feel good too!

What's something special and fun we should know about you? I made a video about a lasagna my cousin drew for me as a parting gift for university. The video included a very epic introduction and pictures of me colouring it with my roommates (he left it uncoloured for me to colour with friends). I also filmed people's reactions and testimonials for it. The lasagna currently holds a special place on my wall.