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Tegiola Xhemalaj, Master’s in Engineering Design student, W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

“What I love about the W Booth School and my program is you have the freedom to pick your own project and make a real impact.” - Tegiola Xhemalaj

Tegiola’s community project: Tegi and her project group worked with Trevor Imhoff, Coordinator, Air Quality and Climate Change at the City of Hamilton to discuss how to improve the air quality and decrease urban heat island effect in the City of Hamilton. The group’s collaboration with Trevor led to the development of a research proposal on Green Development Guidelines for Urban Parking Lots in Hamilton. “My group and I are focusing on strategic and sustainable guidelines and policies to have a greener, more sustainable infrastructure in the city.”  The guidelines include examples of good design practices, and detailed information on specific elements of green parking lot approaches including layout design approaches, alternative surface materials, and storm water management techniques.

Why W Booth: “What I love about the W Booth School and my program is you have the freedom to pick your own project and make a real impact. You’re interacting with real people and real stakeholders. I had the freedom to pick a problem I really cared about and solve that problem. That’s why I chose this program and why I would recommend it to anyone.”  

The value of collaboration: “We work in groups with people from different backgrounds and professions and we help each other improve and make our projects better. They are the best kind of mentors because you mentor each other without even knowing it. My professors, the people I work with and the people in the industry inspire me to be a better person. They help me be the best version of myself.”

Hamilton is close to her heart: “Hamilton is one of those cities that will forever be in my heart. I am mesmerised by the amount of waterfalls that are in Hamilton and the beautiful trails. I love the fact that this city is so welcoming and always embracing new talents and great ideas. It’s also an affordable place to start a new life. I also can’t forget the great restaurants.”