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Zichen and Shivaansh

How do you prepare the university for a weekend of 400 hacking students ? Ask Zichen and Shivaansh!

For over 10 months, Zichen Jiang and Shivaansh Prasann diligently collaborated, prepared, delegated, and coordinated all of the thousands of details required to pull-off DeltaHacks IV as the most successful hackathon in McMaster history. This 36-hour event hosted over 400 students, volunteers, industry reps and community partners – all who needed to be fed, engaged, and directed through the multitude of activities and rituals held over the weekend. But for both of these students, taking the lead on this event made sense – both had been instrumental in running previous incarnations of DeltaHacks. Spending most of their spare time for the better part of 2017 managing the planning of this event, just so all engineering students could have a chance to engage in cutting-edge innovation and learning, makes Zichen and Shiv great examples of students helping students!

"I had to give up a good chunk of my video game time...
looking back, it was all worth it."
Shivaansh Prasann