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Dani and Hannah

Inclusivity was their crowning achievement, but that was only the tip of the iceberg...

Hannah McPhee and Dani Lake pulled off a huge feat - planning a very successful, and first-ever, McMaster Diversity in Engineering national conference in November 2017. This was a major feather in their caps, but both were more-than-ready as they spent much of their engineering years doing a lot of collaborating, planning, and executing events with the McMaster Engineering Society (MES). With Hannah's exceptional organizational skills as VP-Clubs and Teams, and Dani's steady and committed tenure as VP-Student Life, both had many hours honing skills that would shine brightly at this memorable event. What is next for these extraordinary women-in-engineering? The sky is the limit!

"I volunteered with extracurricular activities because they are fun! 
Making time is easy if you choose projects that you are excited about working on". 
Hanna McPhee