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The 7 best things to do in Hamilton

We asked four of our second-year international students (Fabiola, Kareem, Sana and Shaun) what they love doing off-campus and within the city of Hamilton!

1. Enjoy the variety of food

"One of the best things about Hamilton is the variety of good, authentic food," says Fabiola Gonazles Rios. "My life pretty much revolves around food — especially dessert!"

2. Explore waterfalls

Albion Falls.

"I love going to the waterfalls," says Kareem Elmokattaf. "I like sitting there and taking in the nature."

3. Go iceskating

"In the winter, I love going iceskating with friends," says Sana Syed. "It's a magical feeling, especially when there's also snow.”

4. Take a hike

Shaun Lee at Dundas Peak.

"I like the outdoors a lot so any hike anywhere is nice, but especially Cootes Paradise or Dundas Peak," says Shaun Lee.

5. Embrace the community

"There's a sense of community both on and off campus," says Sa’ida Shadaifat. "It made me feel at home really quickly."

6. Walk around Westdale

"Westdale is one of my favourite neighbourhoods to spend time by either myself or with friends," says Sana Syed. "There's lot's of great shops and it has some really cute restaurants."

7. Explore downtown

Hamilton City Centre.

"My favourite thing to do in Hamilton is take the bus downtown and study at its coffee shops," says Fabiola Gonazles Rios. "I like to get off campus every once in a while because it refreshes my mind and helps me study better.