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The 6 items every international student should pack when coming to McMaster

We asked four of our second-year international students (Sana, Kareem, Fabiola and Shaun) what shouldn't be left behind when coming to Canada.

  1. "Warm socks — they helped me get around everywhere!" - Sana Syed


  2. "Your favourite sweets if they aren't in Canada." - Kareem Elmokattaf


  3. "A winter jacket. If you can't bring one from home, it should be one of your first purchases before the snow comes." - Sana Syed


  4. "A sense of pride of where you come from and the open mindedness to learn about the things Canada has to offer, but implement things you’ve learned from home." - Fabiola Gonazles Rios

    Fabiola and family.

  5. "A good cookbook with some favourite recipes from home." - Kareem Elmokattaf


  6. "An item of sentimental value. A parting gift from your parents or friends is nice, because when you get homesickness and look at that item, it’ll remind you of them and make you feel warm at heart again." - Shaun Lee

    Picture frame.