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Global Biotech Week (Employer of the Week)

For Week Three, Engineering Co-op & Career Services decided to feature a number of companies in support of Global Biotech Week.

The purpose of Global Biotech Week is to raise awareness of the industry and its global potential among policymakers, policy influencers and the general public more broadly. In support of this week, Engineering Co-op & Career Services featured a number of events for students to help them engage with, and increase their knowledge of, the biotech industry.

Flying all of the way from Vancouver, Stemcell Technologies, Canada's largest biotechnology employer, started out the week with an information session that ended up as standing room only! 

The pharmaceutical industry sounds great, but how do you actually get hired? The "AMA - Careers in Pharma" event featured two McMaster alumni who met with students to to discuss their roles in the pharmaceutical industry, how they got to where they are, and where your degree can take you in the future.

"I took away a better understanding of the positions in the pharmaceutical industry outside of being in a wet lab. I also learned about what it is like to work in this field and what the industry is looking for. Lastly, I learned some key networking skills and the importance of a strong network."

Where better to learn about the industry than from students themselves? Current co-op students from Baylis Medical popped by campus for an "Ask a Co-op Student" event to provide insight into what it is like to work at Baylis. 

Representing California, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals hosted a "Virtual AMA" session to answer questions about co-op opportunities, and discuss where the biotech industry is going in the future. This session was co-hosted by our current co-op student, Noelle Wilton, who made the session engaging, entertaining and full of laughs! 

Our students loved the session, stating they "...found it very useful to hear from the current interns about their experiences, specifically the projects that they have been working on", and that "...Co-op can be a really fun experience." 

Finally, the week was completed with a special visit from a Biotechnology Alumnus, Zain Khan, who came back to campus to speak to current students. Zain provided insight into his co-op experience as a student, and where his career in biotechnology has taken him after graduation. 

In the end, over 200 students attended the various events offered throughout the week.