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Apotex Week (Employer of the Week)

Week Two of the Employer of the Week series brought us Apotex, for some student engagement both on, and off-campus!

During the week of September 17th, Apotex Inc. visited with McMaster Engineering students as a part of the Engineering Co-op & Career Services new event series, Employer of the Week.

Apotex Inc. started off the week by holding "Virtual Office Hours", where students had the opportunity to connect with the recruitment team and have their questions answered about working at Apotex. 

So you landed an interview, but how do you ace it? Next, Apotex gave students an inside scoop during their "How to Ace the Interview" event, where students received feedback from hiring managers and the recruiting team on how to excel and make a memorable impression (a good one!) during the interview. 

Finally, Apotex concluded their week by graciously opening their doors and allowing a "Site Tour" of their Signet Office, giving students the opportunity to see first hand what happens behind the scenes in pharmaceutical manufacturing. 


To learn more about careers at Apotex Inc., please visit here