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Michelle Woo

Intern at PCL Construction for 8-months

Michelle Woo, a fourth year Civil Engineering Student, recently completed her 8-month co-op at PCL Construction.

Michelle enrolled in co-op because she saw it as a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a professional work environment, and see how the content studied in school applies to the outside world before graduating. Gaining this exposure has allowed her to enter her final year with more confidence in what she is studying, as she now has a better understanding of not just what she is learning, but why she is learning it and how it integrates with the Civil Engineering industry.

Michelle has learned a lot and acquired many skills through this coop experience. PCL gave her endless opportunities to see the construction process of building first-hand, and how the roles of architects, contractors, and consultants integrate to successfully execute large-scale projects. The most valuable skill she says that she has obtained through her co-op term is the ability to confidently navigate through architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings.

She expressed that ECCS helped her secure this position, “I was able to find my position through the OSCARplus Job Board and ECCS was there to offer resume critiques and mock interviews if needed.”

One of the most surprising things that she was asked during an interview was her location preferences within Canada. It showed that they were encouraging and accommodating with relocation, which eventually led to her very memorable 4-month term in British Columbia.

Michelle’s words of advice for other coop students: “To other students interested in co-op: whenever you have a chance, seize the opportunity. You'll learn so much about your capabilities and passions before you graduate, which will help guide you towards a career that you truly enjoy. Also, don't be afraid to admit if you've made a mistake or if you don't know something - honesty goes a long way and people around you want to help you succeed.”

When asked what was an interesting part about her work term position she said, “I love how I never have to be at the same place for too long since when one project is over, there's always another one that starts and no two projects are exactly the same.”