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Kevin Hardy-Cooper

Intern at Splunk Inc. for 4-months

Working at Splunk Inc. in Vancouver BC, had been four months filled with great learning experiences for Kevin Hardy-Cooper.

This recent Software Engineering and Management graduate, found himself in a placement at Splunk Inc. while pursuing a co-op opportunity in hopes of getting a hands on experience to supplement the knowledge he learned in the classroom.

Through this coop, he learned different management styles used in the software engineering field such as Agile or Kanban. He also learned how to build web applications from scratch, which he was only able to do through this coop because in class there is only one final year elective course that is offered that teaches this at the basic level.

Kevin said that he used OSCARplus to apply to 4 out of his 6 co-op positions. He also networked himself in to a job, and applied on company job boards online. He attended the Career fair held in DBAC in the fall which is where he met two of his eventual co-op employers. “ECCS helped by providing me with the resources to apply to these jobs, and the connections to make it happen!”

The most surprising this he has ever been asked in an interview is “Explain recursion to me like I’m a three-year-old.”

Some advice he has to offer other students is “Don't send out a large quantity of job applications when you could send out a few quality job applications. Believe it or not it saves time, and you can focus on jobs you actually want as opposed to just getting a co-op for the sake of getting a co-op.”

Lastly, Kevin adds that the best part about his co-op job was “Infinite free snacks and drinks. #bulkingszn”