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Mounir Kabbara, B.Eng. '10, M.Eng.Design '11

(Chemical Engineering), (Engineering Design)

Building Sustainable Cities

Can you imagine a world that lives differently?

If not, you might call Mounir Kabbara for some advice.

Currently a manager with PwC’s advisory practice, focusing on cities and local government consulting, he has built his career around planning, designing and advising cities.

“My roles and responsibilities center around advising governmental entities on strategy and operations,” says Kabbara, who is currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “For example, I recently had the opportunity to advise a local government in Saudi Arabia on regulation of the transport sector to address current challenges and contribute to achieving long-term national targets.”

The 2010 Chemical Engineering grad says his passion was ignited in his final year of undergraduate studies.

“While working on my capstone project, which involved developing a process to produce fuels for the transport sector in a way that reduces carbon emissions, I was exposed to the importance of environmental preservation and sustainability,” he says.

“This gave me a spark from within and I quickly decided I wanted to pursue a postgraduate degree in sustainability. I completed a master of Engineering Design, specializing in sustainable infrastructure.”

After positions working in water treatment, and with the Saudi Arabian real estate developer of the mega city known as King Abdullah Economic City, he had the opportunity to work briefly with The Sustainable City, a Dubai-based net-zero energy development.

That position, a career highlight, led into his current consulting role with PwC.

In his spare time, he volunteers as a senior advisor with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, as well as with the Global Shapers Community, the youth initiative of the World Economic Forum. In both roles, his work involves educating and inspiring young people.

It’s a path he urges students to follow.

“Try to stay as active as possible through various volunteering involvements – they are fulfilling, develop your skills, help you find your passion and allow you contribute to the world,” says Kabbara.