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Lukas Perez, BTech '16

(Automotive and Vehicle Technology)

The Mac grad who helped save Easter

The Lindt Gold Bunny has become an iconic Easter treat. But in 2020, with the busy spring holiday only a few weeks away, the pandemic forced the closure of all of Lindt Canada’s 56 stores.

With no e-commerce capabilities and stores stuffed with chocolate that needed to get to customers, the company turned to Shopify Plus.

Enter 2015 BTech grad Lukas Perez, a senior launch engineer with Shopify Plus, who helped the company launch an online store in five days.

“Typically I’ll work with a merchant over a matter of months, but we didn’t have any time for that,” says Perez, in a Facebook video created by Shopify Plus to celebrate the success.

Perez, who has been working with the Canadian e-commerce company for the last three years, says that getting the company online within a week has been one of the highlights of his technology career.

“The thing I love the most about e-commerce is the variety of work I get on a daily basis,” he says. “No two business are alike, and neither are their internal processes and systems. What this means is that every client I work with presents a new challenge with new puzzles for me to solve.”

A self-described “total gear-head” who was attracted to the BTech Automotive and Vehicle Technology program because of his interest in all things that move fast, Perez says the scope of the program – from coding to co-op to business – has helped him in many ways.

“One of the most underrated things about BTech is all the additional business and management courses that you take throughout the program,” he says. “Those courses had a direct impact on my ability to jump into understanding business requirements, converting them to technical requirements, then ultimately architect different solutions for technology problems.”

Perez moved to Spotify Plus after launching his career in technology consulting with Accenture, where he had a chance to work on several public transit projects.

He urges students to keep an open mind about the reach of their BTech degree.


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“There are lots of amazing opportunities outside of the direct industries that you may be studying,” he says.