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Lindsey Kettel, B.Eng.Mgt. '09

(Mechanical Engineering) | Managing Marine Refurbishment

In the first six years of her career, Lindsey Kettel worked with more than 20 companies across industries ranging from healthcare and services, to automotive and project management.

Working with the operational and financial consulting firm Newton North America (now Isaac Operations), she learned how to quickly assess the factors driving efficiency and profitability in each industry in order to deliver improvement programs.

Then the 2009 Mechanical Engineering & Management graduate was introduced to the Canadian Submarine Refurbishment program and fell in love with complex marine projects.

“In 2015, I ended up deciding to join Canada’s largest shipyard – Chantier Davie – in Quebec City,” she says. “My initial role was to ensure we had all of the required processes in place to to plan, manage, and deliver a fast-track conversion program of an Auxiliary Oil Replenishment vessel for the Canadian Navy.

“As the Vice-President of Business Processes, my responsibilities have grown to include the supply chain and logistics teams, among other duties.”

Job highlights including working with teams across the country, and contributing to the refurbishment and conversion of some of the most important vessels in the Canadian Navy and Coast Guard fleets.

Kettel, who was awarded the Mechanical Engineering’s 2009 Iroquois Trophy for academic excellence, participation in campus life and general leadership, urges students to take time to travel and explore their passions.

 “At several times throughout school and in my career I have taken significant pauses to volunteer, to travel, and to really reflect and clear my head,” she says. “It has lead to some fantastic adventures, and has even led to positive impacts on my career.”