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Kristen Sun, BENG '05

(Manufacturing Engineering)

Engineering a career launchpad

Kristen Sun chose mechanical engineering as the “broadest and most versatile” of the engineering disciplines and has used it as the foundation of a career that has spanned consulting, telecommunications and financial services.

“I would say that a “stay curious” mindset has really taken me to where I am today,” says Sun, who is currently Director, Global Technology Strategy and Execution at Manulife.

After launching her career working in advisory and consulting roles with Deloitte, Canadian Tire and UPS, the 2005 grad spent eight years with Rogers Communications.

“I really treasured my time at Rogers – where I grew up in my career – and oversaw countless new product and service introductions,” says Sun. “The most memorable one was being a part of a team that sealed the deal for Rogers to be the exclusive carrier of Apple’s iPhone in Canada back in 2008.”

Moving into the financial sector, Sun has spent the last six years working on a variety of strategic initiatives for D+H / Finastra, RBC and now Manulife.

She’s been involved in launching products, optimizing distribution layout, supporting merger and acquisition efforts, and developing next generation technology use cases. Her current role sees her driving technology strategy.

“Keeping an open mind and being comfortable with being uncomfortable is how I’ve been afforded with opportunities,” she says. “Being able to shape and influence the future of where an organization is going is what I love the most.”

She urges students to take advantage of co-op and internship programs and suggests, “Don’t be afraid to do things differently – even if it means breaking the tradition.”