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Jennifer Minelli, B.Eng. '10, M.Eng. '11

(Electrical & Biomedical Engineering), (Electrical Engineering) | Engineering Manager, Cancer Care Ontario

Her drive to improve patient's quality of life: I spend my days managing projects that are driving new palliative care initiatives across the province. I get to problem solve every day while helping implement solutions that have a real impact on the lives of patients and their families. For me, being able to do what I enjoy really isn’t enough, I need to feel like I’m making a difference, and helping shape palliative care for chronic kidney disease patients certainly fulfills that.

Balance work & life as best as you can: Work/life balance is important to me, I hope I can manage this delicate balancing with grace and humility.

Open to new challenges: I plan to pursue work that keeps me inspired and engaged, uses my problem solving and creativity skills, and continues to have a benefit to society. I’m in the healthcare sector now but spent much of my career in the entrepreneurship space. I don’t discriminate about where problems come from, as long as I can help, I’m ready to jump on board. I’ve benefited from the mentorship of many people and would like to be in a position where I can give back, either through team management or activities external to work.

The need for diversity in STEM: Follow your passion and don’t let anyone determine your future but you. Learn from experiences, but don’t let them define you. If you’re passionate and willing to put the effort in, only you get to decide if you succeed. Diversity is essential, especially with all of the challenges facing our world right now. The STEM field needs more women, it needs their passion, their dedication, their persistence, and their world perspective.