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Faye Chen Naden, BEng '03

(Mechanical Engineering)

Keeping the trains running on time

As the Director of Rail Fleet and Facilities Maintenance for Metrolinx, Faye Chen Naden has a big job.

She oversees the maintenance of all rolling stock equipment and the facilities where equipment is maintained.

With over $150 million in work completed annually, the Rail Fleet and Facilities Maintenance team plays an enormous part in “clean and safe trains on time.” GO Transit keeps millions of commuters, sports enthusiasts, tourists and other passengers moving around the GTHA.

“I work with the best team in the business,” says the 2003 mechanical engineering grad. “We make sure that trains are fit for duty and leave the shop in time to meet the service schedule. Our passengers depend on GO’s reliability and ease of use, and we take pride in being part of the Metrolinx family.”

Chen Naden moved to the Metrolinx role after working as the Manager of Facilities System Engineering at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.  Prior to that, she spent about a decade working in technical management roles in regulated natural gas, electricity and water distribution utility companies.  In 2010, she added project management certification to her resume.

“Engineers are problem solvers,” she says. “We take the abstract and organize it into manageable units. Through this process engineers tackle enormous problems and drive results.”

For students and new graduates, she urges perseverance and perspective.  “Stay the course. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.”


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