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Eric Ferreira, BTech '19

Biotechnology | BTech skills transfer well across world of analysis

In the world of science, insights often come from developing good models and understanding the patterns that result.

That’s also the truth in the world of marketing.

The bridge between the two has become increasingly evident to Eric Ferreira, a 2018 graduate of the biotechnology stream of the Bachelor of Technology (BTech) program.

Now the senior manager of advanced analytics at the market research firm Dig Insights, Ferreira says his work uses much of the same math and analysis that he learned in biotechnology.

“Working on the advanced analytics team, I specialize in discrete choice modelling, multivariate analysis and optimization,” he says. “I think my ability to learn new topics and adapt to new technologies is what helped me fit in so well here.”

Despite not expecting to land in market research, Ferreira says he loves the job and the very bright people he works with.

“I love being encouraged to innovate all the time,” he says. “I constantly perform research at work, to try to test new ideas or hypotheses, which directly helps our company evolve.”

He credits the BTech program for developing both his technical and communication and presentation skills.

“The professors are more like friends or mentors, and I always received help when I needed it,” says Ferreira. “The friends I made in BTech are now people I talk to everyday, and we still have the same crazy invention ideas that we did in school, even though we are all in different careers.”

He urges students not to limit themselves when it comes to imagining a career.

“I think the environment and the people you work with are just as important, if not more important than what you are working on,” he says.


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