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Danielle Anders, MSCAP '05

(Civil Engineering)

Water projects protect the environment

Growing up alongside Lake Ontario offers lessons in both abundance and fragility.

While the supply of fresh water has sustained communities for centuries, the massive lake has also suffered from human activities.

Fortunately, new technologies, regulations and perspectives – particularly around how we manage wastewater and storm runoff from our cities – have improved the health of our water over the last 50 years.

Having lived her whole life near Lake Ontario, Danielle Anders spends her days ensuring it and the waterways that feed it, remain clean.

In 2005, Anders earned a master’s degree in civil engineering, with a focus on water treatment, to complement her undergraduate degree in water resource engineering.

“I wanted to utilize my strengths to make a difference, mainly in my local community,” she says.

Currently a partner and project manager with GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd., her work focuses primarily on municipal water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

“I oversee a multitude of different sized engineering projects ranging from simple peer reviews to large multi-disciplinary construction jobs and engineering studies,” Anders says.

“I love being on the consulting side of things as it provides a lot of opportunity for trying different kinds of projects and gaining a great depth of experience.”

While she has spent most of her career working in engineering consulting, a five-year stint as a project manager with Niagara Region exposed her to life on the municipal side of the desk.

In 2015, she joined GM BluePlan Engineering and in 2019 was made partner.

Anders also sits on the board of directors of the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO), a group that connects professionals involved with the province’s water environment.

“Through WEAO, I’ve had a chance to network with a great team of industry professionals and expand my skillset, as well as learn about and raise awareness of current wastewater issues.”


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