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Chirag Virani, BEng '10

(Mechanical Engineering) | Bringing clarity and brilliance to machine design

Chirag Virani knows that the difference between a good idea and a tangible, affordable product is often a well-designed machine.

The 2010 Mechanical Engineering grad is applying his expertise in machine design to both a successful, established family business in India, and an innovative new company with an environmental mission.

The established family business is B. Virani & Co., a diamond cutting and polishing firm in India. As a director, Virani oversees the company’s diamond jewellery manufacturing operations, from rough diamond procurement, to cutting and polishing, jewellery design and manufacturing, and retail sales. The company’s R&D team has developed customized machines to cut and polish diamond efficiently and cost-effectively.

He is also a co-founder at Sparkle Innovations, a company that has developed machines to turn banana stem agro-waste into all-natural sanitary pads that can biodegrade within six months of disposal. Virani’s primary role involves machine design and product development.

“I always wanted to work in a tech industry where I could build something new and use my technical skills to help people and the planet,” Virani says.

“I am currently doing exactly what I thought I wanted to do before I started my undergrad at Mac. I am applying all the skills and fundamentals I learned to solve real life problems.”

After earning his engineering degree, Virani completed a diploma in business administration and then earned his MBA from Ryerson, where he was recognized for his outstanding contributions to student life.

He urges young people to put in the necessary effort to make their dreams a reality.

“There are no substitutes to hard work and discipline,” he says. “To build something meaningful, you have to give it time and consistent effort, no matter how smart or talented you think you are.”