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Anjali Tandon, B.Eng. '99

(Chemical Engineering) | Manager, Engineering, GlaxoSmithKline

Inspired by her Father: I grew up in the Hamilton area and often drove by many beautiful buildings and structures that my Dad was involved in designing. From a very early age my Dad showed me through example, the results of hard work, creativity and problem solving. He pushed me to be my best. Whenever I wanted to give up on anything, whether it was a calculus problem or a stumbling block in life, he and my Mom were right there to keep nudging me forward. This is what inspired me to pursue a career in engineering, a field that pushes you beyond your limits.

Her career's focus: I work for a pharmaceuticals company that makes life saving drugs for patients around the world. I am surrounded by inspiring people who are extremely dedicated to their work and driven by a great cause. It’s energizing to work in an environment where everyone is motivated by the same passion – to improve the lives of patients.

Take a break: I make a conscious effort to “turn off” when I get home. It’s easy to let the challenges of the day or the week continue to churn in your head when you leave the office but I make a committed effort to enjoy the precious moments with my family and friends. It’s important to exercise the discipline of separating work and leisure. My husband and I spend our weekends and evenings enjoying the outdoors and our hobbies so that when we come to work on Monday morning we feel refreshed and ready to go.

The importance of women in STEM: Don’t allow yourself to believe that you are limited in your capability and don’t give up. Women bring a healthy balance and perspective to that table and our input is invaluable, whether we encounter resistance or negativity. We must rely on our knowledge and strength to keep moving forward.